Every Essential Packing Item for Your Next Adventure to Atlantic City

If you haven’t yet visited New Jersey’s bustling resort town, Atlantic City, then what are you waiting for?  Often nicknamed “The Las Vegas of the East,” the city offers a wide variety of glitzy casinos, nightlife events, theatrical performances, luxurious hotels, and more to its many visitors.

It’s your one-stop-shot for all things entertainment, and its located just a short drive across from America’s melting pot, The Big Apple. Atlantic City also boasts miles of stunning ocean views and some of the north-eastern coast’s best white sandy beaches. There’s not much more you could ask for in an exciting vacation or weekend getaway. However, with such a variety of diverse activities at your fingertips, you may be at a loss for what to pack. Below we’ll review the most essential items to include in your bag for your future Atlantic City adventure.

A glamorous outfit and makeup to match

Atlantic City is a huge hot spot for some of the best casinos in America with both online and physical opportunities for gameplay. In fact, top New Jersey casino offers from virtual platforms are attracting more and more users to their services each year. Online options for thrilling casino games like roulette and blackjack are always available if you’re not able to make it in-person.

However, since the city is such a hub for casino entertainment, you may find yourself visiting one or more of these glamorous locations during your trip. You’ll want to make sure you’re not underdressed for such an occasion, so be sure to include at least one formal, more contemporary outfit in your suitcase. Although it does depend on the dress code of the specific location, a general rule of thumb for casino wardrobes is to dress smart. Think Eva Green in Casino Royale and you’re nearly there!

Beach gear and apparel

Atlantic City may get cold in the winter, but if you’re arriving anytime between May and August, you’ll definitely want to pack a swimsuit and all necessary beach gear. Even in the spring months, sitting on the beautiful sandy beaches of Atlantic City like Brigantine Beach or Margate Beach, provide some of the best, most picturesque scenes in the entire state.

Tourists and residents alike can enjoy nearby arcades and amusement parks as well as ice cream parlours to cool down in after a long day of tanning. Regardless of the time of year, the Jersey shore is a place where serious relaxation meets thrilling entertainment.

A casual outfit for boardwalk strolling

Atlantic City is hands down a walking city. With miles of extensive boardwalk and sidewalks as well as bicycle lanes that run for many blocks, people are able to sightsee and enjoy the city completely on foot. Because of this you’ll definitely want to pack some comfortable clothes and your preferred type of walking shoes. For women, a great option is a pair of trendy leggings that are cozy and casual yet maintain an air of style.

Although it can get hot in the summer, the months leading up to the season can be extremely breezy and cold. Including a high-quality windbreaker in your bag is a must as those harsh winds will push in from the ocean and leave you chilly on your daily walks.

Because of its proximity to New York City, Atlantic City makes a great, relaxing day trip
Because of its proximity to New York City, Atlantic City makes a great, relaxing day trip

Comfortable clothes to exercise in

Atlantic City is also an exercise-friendly location where both locals and visitors enjoy running along the boardwalk that overlooks the beach. Join them during sunrise or sunset for an extra gorgeous view of the city’s painted sky. To make more room in your suitcase for workout gear, consider wearing your exercise outfit on the plane as sneakers and fitness jackets can be bulky items for a smaller carry on. If you’re someone who loves to work out even during vacation, there’s no better place for a quick morning or night jog than Atlantic City.