How to wear fashion clothes properly in Thailand

Wearing fashionable clothes in Thailand means following certain fashion rules. You need something that looks nice and feels comfortable, but you also need to make a fashion statement. Thailand has a relatively hot and humid climate, so you have to consider that as well. Wearing hot
weather clothing is trendy because it fits well in the climate.

Guys should focus on wearing cotton button-down shirts with crisp collars and polo shirts in combination with khaki pants or Bermuda shorts. Cargo pants are also a good choice to wear for any occasion. Ladies can make a good fashion statement by wearing summer dresses, skirts, and attractive tops. Shirts need to cover shoulders and have modest collar lines.

Combining Different Outfits

All outfits and combinations of clothes should complement each other. Wearing eccentric or too noticeable clothing is not advisable or fashionable. Sometimes simple means better. Men should combine shirts with pants or shorts, but should avoid wearing sleeveless shirts. Women also need to avoid tank tops unless they have a shawl or a cardigan to wear over them.

When it comes to footwear, the best thing is to wear comfortable shoes that are water-resistant. Because it often rains in Thailand, wearing shoes made of plastic or rubber is a pretty good choice. Wearing high-heels or boots is not advisable due to many reasons. You may look nice in them, but you can also fall if the roads are slippery. If you want to wear fashionable shoes with heels, then choose shoes that have low wedges. Finally, never walk around without shoes. You will occasionally see people walking barefoot, but that is far from a fashionable practice.

Going to the beach also requires wearing fashionable clothes properly. There are lots of lovely beaches in Thailand, frequented by domestic and foreign tourists. You certainly want to look nice, but try to avoid standing out from the rest. Always wear appropriate bathing suits and some cover-ups when leaving the beach. Ladies should wear sarongs around their midriff when leaving the beach, while guys need to put a shirt on when walking into town.

Good Clothing Practices In Thailand

In general, men should wear conservative outfits such as pants in combination with collared shirts.  Wearing shorts is also good practice, but not all the time and for all occasions. T-shirts are also good to wear for daily walks, but dressier long-sleeved or short-sleeved buttoned shirts are always preferred. Wearing an unbuttoned shirt that reveals chest or belly is never advised.

When it comes to women, they should wear fashionable clothes that cover their shoulders and cleavage. Skirts and pants should have knee-length, and a great addition to any outfit is wearing a shawl. Shawls complement looks and give a more elegant look to any type of outfit.

These were some general pointers about how to wear fashion clothes properly in Thailand. Pay attention to what you wear, consult with fashionistas if necessary, and wear everything with confidence.