CBD and the Return to Plant-Based Health

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about CBD. Nowadays, you can’t go anywhere without seeing CBD oil being sold in malls, convenience stores, grocery stores, and by independent sellers. Ever since hemp became legal nationwide in 2016, hemp oil extract containing CBD has become a booming business platform.

What Exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s a cannabinoid found in hemp. Hemp was made legal in the United States in 2016, and individual states now regulate the production and distribution of CBD. In some states, CBD is heavily regulated, and only certain products are allowed to be sold, while in other states, CBD is not as heavily regulated, and products range from lotions to teas to dog treats. In many states, regulation continues to change as CBD becomes more and more popular and understood. Visit hellboundbloggers to learn more about the different forms of the various CBD products.

Why Are People Using CBD?

Research is still relatively new, but many people who regularly use CBD claim that it has helped them with many ailments. CBD is said to reduce depression and anxiety, relieve pain, regulate appetite, improve mood, and even help with epilepsy.  The Food and Drug Administration recognizes CBD’s positive effect on people with seizure disorders. It is authorized to be used for humans as well as animals in the form of CBD treats for dogs and other furry animals. But when it comes to the safest non-invasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation, experts’ top choice is the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Because of its purported health benefits, CBD is becoming increasingly popular. People are using it to help them sleep, to relieve stress at the end of a long workday, to help with aches and pains, and to curb their appetites while dieting.

Where Can I Find CBD?

If you’re interested in CBD oil, Austin-based CBD oil company MINERAL has been selling CBD products online since 2017. MINERAL was started by Matthew Miller, who was interested in not just selling CBD oil but also providing plant-based wellness education in conjunction with CBD products. Today, this is what MINERAL stands for, and now, MINERAL is not only online. Miller has opened up a brick-and-mortar store on Sixth Street in Austin, TX, called the MINERAL Concept Store. Miller’s vision is to have a place for people to go to learn more about cannabis and cannabinoid products such as CBD oil.

Plant-based wellness is the focus of the MINERAL Concept Store, which sells a variety of CBD-related products with names such as BALANCE, SLEEP, and RECOVERY. Different extracts work better for certain products, allowing for variety when it comes to CBD.

BALANCE, for instance, is an oil formula sold by MINERAL that contains both CBD and CBG, another cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. BALANCE is perfect for reducing inflammation and improving mood. The SLEEP product contains a blend of cannabinoids and other plant-based compounds called terpenes that can help you sleep better while reducing inflammation as you rest. RECOVERY contains a formula that can help reduce stress and anxiety, rejuvenating your whole self.

These are not the only products sold at MINERAL, but they give you an idea of the wide variety of products available. Miller’s vision is to help people restore health naturally. He started MINERAL after having an illness that he alleviated using natural techniques, including the use of CBD oil, and he believes in the benefits of his products.

Is CBD Right for Me?

Hemp is a natural product, and CBD oil is a plant-based product derived from hemp. For years, stigma has surrounded hemp due to its former illegality, but now that hemp is no longer illegal, more and more people have been using hemp derivatives such as CBD with positive effects. This doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone, but more evidence is coming out to suggest that CBD oil is effective at reducing stress and inflammation, among other things. It’s recommended that you do your research and check out some of MINERAL’s products and then make the most informed decision for yourself. If you are having trouble sleeping or dealing with anxiety or depression, there may very well be a MINERAL product that is right for you.

If you’re in Austin, TX, feel free to stop by the MINERAL Concept Store and ask questions to learn more about CBD, hemp, cannabinoid products, plant-based wellness, and how these products can bring balance to your body and mind.