8 Glamorous Gifts Ideas For Your Fabulous Sister-In-Law

The holiday season is full of sugar cookies, Hallmark movies and boat loads of shopping. Once a year you have to make a list of all the most important people in your life and then wrack your brain trying to come up with perfect gift ideas for them. Some people on your list will be easier to buy from than others. One of the famously harder to by for people are your in-laws. You know, because they are your family now, like it or not. 

Just kidding, your sister-in-law married your sibling of all the people in the world so literally they must be a saint, right? She deserves a fabulous gift! Here are 8 great gift ideas that will earn you some serious brownie points with your new sis:

1. A Map Of The Stars 

If you’re looking for an unconventional gift idea that is totally unique and 99% guaranteed to elicit a few tears of heartwarming joy, you need to check out custom star maps at TwinkleInTime.com. You can pick a very special date, such as the day she was born or the day she voluntarily married into your crazy family. Either way, you’ll make her feel totally loved and special. This high quality poster is customizable with different shapes and colors and a space for you to write a heartfelt message. It also provides a date and location stamp. This gift was officially honored with a “best gift” title from Giftwits.com, so you know it’s going to be a hit! It comes with or without a frame and US shipping is free. 

2. Wine Freeze Tumblers

If you and your sister-in-law have spent a significant amount of time bonding over a glass (or bottle) of wine then these Host Wine Freeze Tumblers are a great gift idea. Included on CoolThingsChicago.com’s life of best gifts ideas for women, these win cups are made to keep your beverage chilled to the perfect temperature at all times. Does your sister-in-law like white or red better? Either way, any wine lover will find these tumblers to be among their favorite gifts. The insulated silicone cups include a cooling gel strip that keeps wine cold while you sip. The set conveniently comes with two cups so you can enjoy using them together. 

3. Kool8 Insulated Water Bottles – With A Charitable Bonus

Water is life-giving and important to our health and wellbeing. Gift your sister-in-law a beautifully sleek insulated water bottle from Kool8 this holiday season. It will keep your water cold and your tea warm. It even has a built in tea-infuser because who doesn’t like tea? Want one more reason to select this water bottle over all others? They give a whoping 20% of profits towards providing clean, safe drinking water to underdeveloped regions of the world. Give an environmentally friendly gift that extends the gift-giving to those that need it most. 

4. Succulent Gift Box by OliveBranchDecorCo on Etsy 

If your sister-in-law and you are besties, this is a fantastically funny gift idea. A cute and carefully packaged gift set with a 2 inch live succulant and a soy candle. There are several soy candle scents to pick from such as lavender, coconut verbena, white tea, apple crisp, and pumpkin pie. There is even a cute note that says, “my life would succ without you.” This is the perfect gift for people that love to laugh at a good pun and enjoy green things. Buying from small businesses is a great way to find lesser-known gift ideas that really stand out. 

5. Home Health Testing 

You might think this is a crazy suggestion at first, but check out this home health screening kit from imaware™. They provide an easy and convenient way to screen yourself for celiac’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and there are more screenings coming soon. If your sister-in-law is concerned about gluten, and who isn’t these days, then this could be a very unique and personalized gift that lets her know that you care about her health. 

6. Bamboo Cheese Board With Pull Out Cutlery Drawer

If you want to go more traditional with your gift-giving, you can’t go wrong with kitchen gifts! This Natural Bamboo Cheese Board is an elegant gift that subtly says, “I want you to invite us over for dinner.” Lots of room to create a beautiful appetizer spread and there is also a secret pull out drawer for storing cutlery. It’s a highly recommended gift from the good people at Giftwits, and even made several of their best gift lists. Home decor and kitchen gifts are very trendy right now, too! 

7. Great Tea Delivered Monthly

Why not get a gift that keeps on giving month after month with a unique subscription box? You can try Tea, Simplicity: Tea With Intention. The mini plan starts at only $9 a month and comes with two bags or vials of loose leaf tea delivered in a cute package that will have all her instagram friends green with envy when she posts her cute photos. The first box comes with a unique tea infuser to get her started on her tea adventure. 

8. Soy Candles For Your Unbiological Sister

For the light hearted and sarcastic sister-in-law that you feel grateful for, here is a sweet and unique gift idea to serve as a constant reminder that you’re glad to have her around. This “Thanks for being my unbiological sister” soy candle can be customized to your SIL’s favorite scent and size. If she enjoys unique Etsy handcrafted gifts then this is a great choice. It’s guaranteed that there will be very few sister-in-laws out there with the same decorative candles.

No matter which gift you choose, your sister-in-law will love knowing  you cherish her as a member of the family. Gift giving doesn’t have to be a chore, spend time picking the perfect personalized gift for each member of your family and don’t be afraid to think outside the gift-box.