5 Top Tips For Choosing the Ideal Baby Carrier

Your baby carrier, also known as baby ride or buggy is one of the most important purchases you will buy for your baby, so it is understandable that you want to buy the right one the first time around.

There are a lot of considerations to make when planning to buy a baby buggy because you probably want something that you can reuse or give out to friends once your baby is done with it.

To help make your choice easy, here are top 5 considerations to look out for when buying your baby’s gear.

1. How easy is it to fold?

Juggling a baby and buggy is one of the most difficult activities mothers go through. You are comforting your baby while at the same time struggling to fold and store the buggy one-handed. Before buying a buggy, be sure that it is something you can fold one-handed effortlessly. You don’t want to mistakenly drop your bundle of joy because of a stiff baby gear. Therefore, if the buggy is not something you can fold easily, quickly move on to another one.

An easy-to-fold baby buggy is one of the most important features of a busy mom.

2. Does it fit your personal taste?

Even though you are buying buggy for your baby, you will be handling it most, if not all the time, therefore, it makes sense that you buy something the meets your personal taste.

For example, if you are a sport kind of person who cannot wait to hit the road with your new baby, you want a buggy that is easy to jog with. There are usually two types that fit this bill – one with a stationary wheel or one with a swivel wheel. It is also important that you something with a hand brake too.

But apart from the practical preferences, there is also the style consideration to think about. As a brand new chic mum, you don’t want a drab baby carrier that will not complement your other fashion accessories. Thankfully, there are dozens of options to choose from when it comes to finding a baby gear that meets a unique taste – from baby carriers to buggies, baby car seat, diaper bags, and so on.  You can select your personal style from these ratings among a wide range of some of the best baby products.

3. Does it have enough usable space?

When buying a baby carrier or buggy, it is important to consider the availability of usable space. Is there enough room on the ride for an extra bag when you go shopping with the baby? Can you a place to store the diaper bag so that you don’t lug it about all day?

Another extra feature you should consider when buying baby buggy is a cup holder, where you can store a bottle within easy reach. Most of the modern buggies designed today come with this nifty feature.

4. Consider versatility

These days, you will find that a lot of baby gears designed perform more than one duty. There are hybrid bureau/ changing table, convertible strollers, combo bassinet with attachments; booster chairs that convert to high chairs, and so on. Buying gear like this not only reduces your expenses on baby items, it also affords a lot of versatility.

When considering baby buggy, you may want to consider, a convertible style, especially one of those multi-function strollers that can be easily converted into a baby car seat. This makes a lot of sense that buying a baby stroller separate from a baby car seat.

There are just so many convertible options when it comes to baby gear, even cribs that can be converted into a toddler bed. These things are well designed and very practical, and will probably save you a few bucks.

5. Avoid second-hand items

Baby buggies are kind of individual. They have to fit into your personal style and practical baby needs, which is why you need to be very sure of the item you are paying for.

It is also not a good idea to buy second-hand baby gear. Of course, you can collect as a gift from a friend or family member, but you have to be very sure of the state of the carrier before using it.

For example, a lot of carriers made pre-2000 may not be very safe by today’s standards. They could also be missing crucial parts that may put your baby at risk. You can never tell how long a carrier has been exposed to the rain and sun just by looking at it. It may also have been in an accident, which could have compromised its structural integrity.

So, while it is understandable that you want to save a few bucks, be careful how you go about doing it so that you don’t put your precious one at the risk of injury.