Beauty Influencer: How to increase your Number of Followers?

Instagram loves influencers, and the reverse is also true. It is a match made in heaven, as the two billion daily users, can’t get enough of their opinions. So how can you keep growing the number of followers on your account, for those of you that collaborates with beauty brands? Here are a few ideas that should help you do so.

Creating Catchy Stories

First and foremost, you need to be able to create stories that will catch everyone’s eyes. You can do so by using this app. Then, you will be able to create posts just like professionals do, adding music, texts and stickers to your stories, rendering them attractive. What you want, is for your followers to be so impressed, that they will share them with their friends. Therefore, make sure you spend the necessary time on story creations, before you post them on your Instagram account.

Offer Tutorials to Your Followers

In the field of beauty, nothing attracts as much as tutorials. People are always on the look-out for the latest innovation on the market, for taking care of their skin or how to apply make-up, serum and creams. Most of all, this is the best way to promote the brands you collaborate with, as they will be seen in the tutorials you place online. It’s easy to imagine what to do. Just look at the various lines you represent and use them as you would for yourself, all the while explaining what you are doing to all the users who will be watching you.

Don’t hide

If you have made the decision to become an influencer, you should be ready to answer to the various comments that will be placed, below your posts. Not only is it important in your career, but if you don’t, in the end, it is the brands that work with you that will get a bad reputation. That should be enough to end your dream of becoming the most important influencer in your field. Yes, it takes time, but this is a big part of your work. No matter what is said, try to remain courteous. If you can’t, because it is simply too outrageous or violent, then delete the comment and ignore the user.

Include Everyone

The one thing internet users hate more than anything else, is influencers who are not inclusive to all. That means regarding people’s race, religion, sexuality or any other element that could differentiate them from the rest. Direct your messages towards all, and make them feel welcomed on your page.