How to tell Your Holiday Stories?

There are many reasons why you would like to tell your holiday stories to others. You might be a travel blogger, an influencer, a journalist, or you just want to share the memories you made with friends and family members. No matter why, here are a few different ways to retell the most important and beautiful parts of every trip that you will take this year.

Be Original: Print a Newspaper

That is certainly one thing you did not expect, right? The truth is, the newspaper print industry has had to find new avenues of development in the latter years, and so now, there are many wonderful things you can do with them, including printing your own travel stories. Imagine receiving your own batch of newspapers at home, with you on the front page, as you are climbing on a high mountain, or in front of one of the most popular sites in the world. That will leave you breathless for a few seconds, no doubt. Now, think about the reaction of your friends when they receive a copy in their mailbox… Yes, the power of newspaper print is certainly something you should think of.

Be Practical: Use Social Media

Once the shockwave that you managed to create with the newspaper as died down, it is time to head to your various social media, to share the memories with your followers. There, you should lead them into your adventure, the same way that you lived it: One step at a time. Start with your departure and your arrival at the destination, before placing new posts for every day that you were there. If you prefer (and to make more posts), you can also separate them by activities and locations visited. Keep the fun going for a few days, or even weeks. People love travel pictures and the stories that go with them.

Open a Blog

If you plan to travel a lot, over the next few years (providing there are no more obstacles that show up in the way, like the pandemic), then you should definitely think about opening a blog about your movements around the world. If you decide to take that route, sit down for a moment to plan what you intend to tell to your readers and figure out how you want them to interact with you. Blog readers need to be captivated, in order to keep reading what you write. Just another text on travel won’t entice them to become a fan of yours. Find something original that will distinguish you from other blog writers.

Put it all in a Book

Once you will have travelled many countries and seen thousands of marvels, then it may be time to put it all in a book. That is when all the points above will come in handy. You can use them all, to create a unique book. Use one of the newspaper prints for its cover and share some of the Instagram and Facebook posts as well, by printing them inside the book. Make sure nothing gets wasted!