How to make your own Home-made Vitamin C serum!

Vitamin C is highly unstable. It is at its best and the most efficient when it’s new and fresh, which means that any cosmetic over-the-counter cream that you buy claiming to contain vitamin C probably does contain it. They may have preservatives, or they may not – in which case, it is not ideal.

So the alternative – why not make your own vitamin C serum in the comfort of your own home?

Vitamin C is essential in the synthesis of collagen. It promotes cell turnover, therefore it aids in getting rid of scars and gives the skin a brighter and clearer complexion.

Making your own vitamin C serum is actually simple and easy to do.

You will need the following items:

  • Pure vitamin C crystals (L-ascorbic acid). You can buy it at a drugstore or online. Make sure that you buy vitamin C crystals in their pure form. You just cannot crush vitamin C tablets, for one.
  • Distilled water.
  • Pure glycerin (not the type of glycerin that you can ingest). The inclusion of glycerin is completely optional, but some people strongly recommend it because it thickens the serum, making it less watery.
  • A 30 ml dark glass bottle or vial with a dropper cap. The dark bottle is preferred to keep quality of contents out of direct sun or light exposure.


  • Mix 20 ml (two-thirds) water with one teaspoon of the vitamin C powder. Vitamin C is not quite easy to dissolve, so the trick here to place the bottle half-filled with hot water. It will make the water inside the bottle quite warm, and this will help dissolve the vitamin C powder quickly once you shake it. Check the contents to make sure that the vitamin C is dissolved completely.
  • Next, add one-third glycerin to the solution. Again, the glycerin is optional. In this case, it is included to make the solution a bit more thick and less watery.


  • Apply the vitamin C serum on the skin before at night, going to bed.
  • Rinse it off in the morning.
  • Apply sunscreen during the day.

To deal with dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well as stretch marks, you don’t have to use this serum while dermarolling. As vitamin is acidic, this serum will produce a stinging sensation on your skin if you apply right before or after dermarolling. It is more ideal to use the serum the day before and the day after.

In between sessions use it every two to three days.

When the serum is not in use, close the bottle tightly and store it inside the fridge. Remember that this serum is good for use for only 7 to 10 days, as vitamin C oxidizes fast, so you will need to prepare a new solution after that.