3 Wardrobe Staples Every Teacher Should Have in Her Closet

If you are a teacher and want to dress well for work each day, then you need to have the right staples in your closet. You need some clothing pieces that you can wear many times without anyone noticing, and you need other pieces that will switch things up and make it fun to pick your outfit. Below are three of the wardrobe staples that you and every teacher need in your closet.

1. A Pair Of Comfortable, Simple, And Stylish Shoes

You need to have at least one pair of shoes that you can put on with any outfit. Get a pair of shoes that will feel great on your feet day after day and yet look dressy enough to be worn in the classroom. Get them in a color that will go well with any outfit you wear so that you can put them on with anything. If the shoes go well with both pants and skirts and dresses, then you can wear them every day of the week. If you want to make sure that your comfortable yet stylish shoes will work with every outfit, then get the same style in multiple colors so that they will match everything.

2. Plenty Of Sweaters Are A Must For Teachers

Sweaters are one of the more classic clothing items for a teacher to wear but that is because sweaters are so comfortable and yet dressy. Sweaters work during the long fall and winter months when the classroom might not feel warm enough. Sweaters come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and styles, and there is something for everyone. From a short sweater with a simple pattern to a long cardigan, every teacher can find something to make her feel good. Fill your closet with a variety of sweaters to have a thicker one to wear on an extra cold day and a dressier one to wear when you feel like dressing up.

3. Every Teacher’s Wardrobe Needs A Good Dress Or Two

Most days, you might feel like putting on something more casual than a dress, but when you want to wear one, you need to have one in the closet that is appropriate for the classroom. Buy a dress or two so that you will have something easy to pull on when you want to. You don’t have to think too much about putting an outfit together when you have a dress to wear. You can get sweater dresses for the winter or lighter dresses for the warmer times of the year. Just get a couple of dresses so that you have them in your wardrobe for when you want them.

Every teacher should have at least a few nice pieces of clothing in her wardrobe so that she can quickly pull on an outfit at the beginning of the workday and feel stylish. The clothing needs to be comfortable, too. When considering the staples you should have as a teacher, make sure you pick comfortable items that you will want to wear all the time.