5 Popular Kinds Of Sterling Silver Bracelets

Silver has been used since ancient times and has long been considered to be a precious metal. Silver bracelets have been a popular form of adornment, for both women and men.

Before I start discussing the 5 most popular designs for silver bracelets, let’s first go over what “sterling silver” is since this term tends to be frequently misunderstood.

Standard silver, or sterling silver, is an alloy that is comprised of 7.5% copper and 92.5% silver. Compared to pure silver, the combination is harder, which makes it more durable for jewelry. A lot of silver jewelry has a fine silver thin plate coating to provide it with a shiny finish. Sterling silver does tarnish, while pure silver does not.

Popular Designs For Sterling Silver Bracelets

There are various styles of silver bracelets, including charm, chain, link, cuff, and bangle bracelets. They each have their own unique appeal and own kinds of customers. If you are thinking about buying a silver bracelet to give as a gift, consider our target audience and review the following designs.

Bangle Bracelets

There are various designs available ranging from painted styles, patterns, and finishes from textured to smooth. Because cuff and bangle bracelets are so popular, it encourages people to wear multiple bracelets at once. They are currently very popular with Hollywood celebrities and teens. They are great for anyone who is young at heart and wants to feel care free.

Cuff Bracelets

These bracelets are very trendy right now. They are wider than a bangle and feature an opening on one side so they can be slid onto your arm. A silver cuff bracelet can make a nice gift for older women. However, compared to other types they tend to be more expensive.

Another less expensive but popular kind of cuff bracelet is a granulated one, which creates a playful shimmering light. Currently, this type of bracelet is very popular with Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities.

Link Bracelets

This type of bracelet features an intricate design made up of closely woven pieces. It is crafted smoothly so that it lays flat across the arm. The Byzantine style link bracelet is a great example of a highly detailed link bracelet.

Due to its historically accurate linking knots, it has a very mysterious aura about it. A style that is popular with many men is a tightly knit link bracelet that looks like chainmail. This is due to the big resurgence of Roman culture in fiction and movies.

Silver Chain Bracelets

This is probably the most classic style of all. It has the widest variety available and works well with a majority of outfits. You can turn a chain-style bracelet into a charm bracelet by simply placing adornments on the chain links. Or you can wear one as a silver accent. They are ideal as coming-of-age and engagement gifts.

Charm Bracelets

This type of bracelet is popular in many metals. However, since silver is so affordable, it has turned these bracelets into a popular fashion trend and also a collector’s item for those who are traveling.

Numerous tourist shops offer charms with symbols from their local area, like Londons double-decker bus, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. During the mid-20th century, they were very popular and have become popular once again recently, particularly among young teenagers.

Other types of charm bracelets include simple silver bracelets that have one charm like a gemstone with special meaning for the wearer or a gold-filled pearl. These bracelets are available with an assortment of stones, one charm, or even engraved that were popular during the Victorian era.