Why Are Diamond Bracelets Called Tennis Bracelets?

Have you ever wondered why diamond bracelets are often called tennis bracelets? Tennis bracelets actually refer to a specific type of diamond bracelet: a bracelet made of round-cut diamonds that go around the entire circumference of the bracelet. Let’s take a deeper look into what tennis bracelets are, what they mean, and how you can find one perfect for you.

The History of the Tennis Bracelet

In 1987, a tennis star named Chris Evert called halt to a match because she was looking for her “tennis bracelet.” The tennis bracelet became famous very shortly after that because the idea of it was so alluring. Not only was it a beautiful band of diamonds that symbolized luxury and upper-class living, but it was a piece of jewelry that was being used for a high-paced athletic sport, tennis.

Since then, the tennis bracelet has become embedded in the cultural zeitgeist. It was never a “bracelet for tennis,” but rather a bracelet that could be used for everyday wear, that was quietly sophisticated without being overly flashy. Now, many people give tennis bracelets for gifts and to celebrate major milestones.

Do Tennis Bracelets Symbolize Anything?

Now that you know about the history of the tennis bracelet, it’s easier to understand the symbolism. The tennis bracelet is a sort of “easy living luxury item”; it indicates that you’re so successful and wealthy that you can wear something like a diamond bracelet every day. At the same time, it’s also a very “old wealth” kind of jewelry. It’s not overtly flashy. It’s something that someone would wear if they were dressed casually but happened to have a lot of wealth.

Tennis bracelets are frequently given as romantic gifts. They aren’t attached to specific anniversaries the way that a lot of other diamond gifts are, so they have been remarkably versatile and resilient.

But while tennis bracelets do represent luxury and sophistication, they also represent someone who is going out and getting the job done; someone who is sporty and athletic and who won’t let their wealth stop them from doing the things they want to do. A tennis bracelet isn’t designed to be put in a box for special occasions. It’s designed to become something that someone wears every day, like a wedding ring.

This also makes tennis bracelets an excellent gift for a meaningful anniversary, even i there isn’t a set “tennis bracelet” anniversary.

Selecting the Right Diamond Bracelets

Most tennis bracelets are gold, whether that is white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold; this setting just tends to work best for diamonds. But other diamond bracelets may also be set in platinum or other similar metals.

The most important thing about a tennis bracelet, in addition to the style, is the fit. You want a bracelet to be snug but not too tight. A tennis bracelet can usually be resized to exactly the right size. You should be able to fit a couple of fingers beneath the bracelet without pulling on it. If it’s too loose, it’ll fall off; too tight and it might be uncomfortable or break.

Of course, it also doesn’t have to be a diamond bracelet. While the traditional tennis bracelet is white gold with round cut diamonds, there are plenty of variations on that style.

Variations on the Standard Tennis Bracelet

The standard tennis bracelet is made of round cut white diamonds. But there are variations in pink diamonds or chocolate diamonds or even assorted or graduated diamonds. A standard tennis bracelet has all the diamonds the same size, but this isn’t a requirement or a rule. You can even create tennis bracelets out of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or other precious gems; they may not look like a “tennis bracelet” but they serve the role of one.

One of the most popular variations on the tennis bracelet uses diamonds that are cut in a pillow cut rather than round cut. While this doesn’t make the diamonds flash quite as much, it’s a very modern and clean look. But, of course, there’s nothing that’s more traditional than the regular tennis bracelet—and you’ll find many examples of the traditional bracelet out there. The original tennis bracelet is absolutely identifiable and iconic.

Taking Care of Your Tennis Bracelet

Because a tennis bracelet is an everyday wear item, you should clean it regularly. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners because they can shake the diamonds out of the settings; instead, clean gently a warm cloth or use the care instructions that the jeweler gave you. Take the time to test each diamond and determine whether any of them are loose. If they are loose, you can take them back to the jeweler.

Repairing Your Tennis Bracelet

It happens. Occasionally, a diamond in your tennis bracelet will fall out. You might not notice it until it’s too late to find. Luckily, diamonds aren’t that hard to replace; they’re just expensive. You can get a diamond replaced in your tennis bracelet and the setting re-tightened to make sure that it doesn’t fall out.

Finding the Perfect Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are glamorous and a little utilitarian as well. They’re designed for the perfect everyday look. If you want to find a great tennis bracelet, they’re just a click away. Take a look at the wares at Occasions Fine Jewelry to find high-quality tennis bracelets that look fantastic and can stand up to everyday wear.