The Importance of Dressing Well Everyday, Even at Home

For many people, home is a place of comfort and relaxation, the location to return to after a long day of work or travel, a haven that is adorned with prints and photos or furnished with wrap around couches. For others, spending time at home is the norm because of remote jobs or just because it’s their favorite place to be.

However, for those homebody types that prefer to work and play from the comfort of their own dwellings, dressing up each day isn’t normally that big of a priority. When you’re just hanging out around the house with no plans to go out, who really cares what you look like? Below we’ll outline several essential reasons why dressing nicely is surprisingly important, even if you don’t cross the threshold of your living room for the entire day.

“Dressing for Success” actually helps you succeed

We’ve all heard of the expression “dress for success” at one point or another. In an interview with a notable company, or simply for an entertaining night out, the saying implies that if we look our best then we will feel our best and therefore reap the best results. And although society isn’t used to applying the expression for stay-at-home occurrences, its importance still stands.

Let’s be honest, there’s a stark difference between throwing on a sweatshirt to start your day as opposed to an ironed dress paired with comfortable sandals. If you take the time each morning to put effort into what you will wear for the day, you may be shocked at how big a difference it makes to your level of productivity and even rate of success.

It’s pretty straightforward if you think about it. If you dress in old, unwashed clothes, you’ll feel less put together. But, if you dress smartly and professionally, you’ll automatically feel like you can do anything.

Exercising, gaming, working, no matter the activity, you’re more prepared for each if you’re dressed appropriately. For example, home workouts can become increasingly difficult when wearing sports bras that aren’t supportive or leggings that are too tight. If you’re constantly tugging at your clothes, you definitely won’t be able to train efficiently. You should dress to dominate at the “home” gym in the same way you would at the in-person facility.

Even when it comes to leisurely entertainment activities at home, like practicing your chess strategy on or honing your poker skills at PokerStars, dressing for success works for gamers too. You’ll be better equipped to enjoy long sessions if you’re looking and feeling your absolute best. Especially if your gaming activities involve chats with other opponents over popular platforms like Twitch; getting dressed nicely means you’ll be confident to join in using video too.

In the workplace, you’ll also be better prepared to hop on a Zoom meeting or address your boss directly if you look the part. The bottom line is that, whether in work or play, it can’t hurt to put a little extra effort into your outfit.

“Dressing for Success” actually helps you succeed

Getting dressed nicely for the day ahead may allow you to reap more benefits in work and play

It marks the start of your daily routine

After getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, getting dressed may be the third or fourth thing you do at the start of every day. It may seem pointless to take the time to search for a nice outfit if you’re not planning on leaving the house that day, but it really will help you create your own individual routine that can come in handy later on. After all, establishing routines helps people in many ways and can have real, long-term benefits.

If you’re still doubtful of the concept, just think about bed-making. Do you know anyone who makes their bed everyday just to go an entire 12 hours without stepping foot in the room or laying on the comforter? People do this because a clean room helps to create a happier headspace and a happier headspace sets the tone for a great day.

What we wear is an aspect of our unique identity

A person’s fashion choices say a lot about who they are. I’m sure you have at least one close friend whose wardrobe is a stand-alone symbol of their personality. In fact, fashion identity is represented throughout history; just look at the origins of Hollywood glamour in the 1930s. These up-and-coming stars were largely defined by their fur coats and elegant dresses as Carol Dyhouse notes in her book Glamour: Women, History, Feminism.

But how is this relevant for us today, those of us who are considering the idea of dressing up at home? Well, keeping up with your daily style is important in the way that it allows you to express yourself. Whether you wardrobe is edgy, colorful, formal, or old-fashioned, approaching your fashion choices with these ideas in mind can make your day more exciting and original. After all, “you are what you wear” maintains its validity no matter your location.