Staying Fashionable After Kids

Choosing clothes for the postpartum body can be tricky. You no longer have the body of an expectant woman. At the same time, your body hasn’t yet gone back to its former shape. Simply put, you are in the in-between being an expectant woman and an ordinary one.

The tricky part is that you can’t buy too many clothes during this in-between phase as they will go to waste once your body gets back to normal. Sticking to your maternity clothes might not be an option either. You need to have clothes that make you comfortable in your skin. Luckily, a little bit of creativity can help fix this problem while remaining fashionable.

Here is how to choose the right postpartum clothes and look appealing:

Consider Renting Clothes

Sure, you can try to move on with your current wardrobe, but not everything will be the right fit for your current body. Why not rent your clothes? Most businesses that offer clothes for rent will have a large variety of sexy clothes to choose from. In fact, some might have options meant for mothers in the postpartum stage.

The deal that you can receive from the rental company will depend on the company itself. While some will allow you to stay with clothes for as long as you need, others will offer you the alternative of swapping them out when you feel like.

Since the in-between phase can be unpredictably long or short, this strategy can serve you for the first few weeks or months. Of course, you should consider revamping your wardrobe if your body takes too long to return to the pre-baby state.

Stick To Clothes That Flatter You

Sure, some pregnancy clothes might still look good on you, but not all of them will. For instance, your previous maternity jeans might only make you look uncomfortable and borderline pregnant. Assess your wardrobe and pick those clothes that will bring out the best in you.

If you are tall, prioritize clothes that will complement your body frame. As for the rest of the clothes, you can purge them from your wardrobe. Give them out to charity or even offer them to an expectant friend. It makes little sense to keep these clothes if they don’t bring the best out of you.

Feel Free To Accessorize

Accessories can be your best friend when it comes to drawing attention towards your most appealing body parts and away from those in recovery. As a result, pick accessories that will make you shine. For instance, favor wearing long necklaces that end at or below your cleavage to make you seem slimmer.

Additionally, wear long earrings instead of studs as they will draw attention to your face. Pick scarves that go as far as the length of your upper thighs to hide your stomach in the recovery stage. Remember, the more comfortable you can look in front of people, the more confidence you will have.

Pick Bras Wisely

During the in-between phase, your breasts will be bigger and sometimes feel heavier. That’s why choosing your bras with both aesthetics and functionality in mind is wise. Ensure that the bras you pick not only fit but are also comfortable enough to wear. It might also be wise to choose something with a little bit of room to allow for the expansion of your breasts once they fill with milk.

This strategy will ensure that your nipples will be exposed to less pressure from the padding. Lastly, pick bras with easy-to-snap cups, preferably those that will be easy to snap and unsnap with one hand. Since you will mostly be holding your baby with one hand before breastfeeding them, you need all the comfort in the world. A great bra choice will ensure that the rest of your outfit doesn’t seem off by any means.

Play Around With Some Shapewear

Before your body gets back to normal, shapewear can be pivotal in ensuring that your body keeps looking amazing. Play around with some spanks among other clothing to make you look smoother by holding your stomach and hips in place. Even better, some shapewear brands have clothes that give you this soft appeal without even needing the underlying materials.

However, be sure to pick items that will be nothing short of comfortable when wearing them. Otherwise, you risk fidgeting during your outings, not to mention the health risk that comes tied to this discomfort.

Avoid Anything That Looks Bulky

While being a favorite for moms, sweatpants might accentuate your weight. On the other hand, clothes that have heavy prints or even metallic items might add weight to your body, making you feel uncomfortable. Instead, stick to leggings and T-shirt dresses.

The in-between phase might also not be the best time to experiment with new trends. If you do not know what to wear with a piece of clothing, it is better to avoid it.

When all motherhood seems to do is take from your life, having a little edge fashion wise can help you own your looks. Furthermore, the confidence boost that comes from looking good can keep you happy throughout your life as a parent. Be picky with your postpartum wardrobe choices to maintain your shine.