Learn About Glamorous Plus Size Model Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda, also known as the “plus-size Gisele Bündchen,” is a plus-size model poised to break out of her native Brazil and rapidly take over the world.

Fluvia Lacerda, the Full Figure Fashion Week Award-winning Brazilian model, is the country’s first plus-size model. She was also the first-ever plus-size model to feature in Playboy Brasil. Lacerda was also featured in the July 2012 issue of Vogue Italia and the February 2012 Bust issue.

This article will tell you more about this stunning plus-size icon.

Fluvia Lacerda: Who Is She?

Fluvia Lacerda is a plus-size model, Instagram star, writer, and social media sensation from Brazil. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and curvy figure. Lacerda rose to prominence and received a lot of attention for writing about her experiences as a plus-size model and her hardships on her self-titled video channels.

She is also well-known as a plus-size model, appearing on the covers of several top magazines, including Plus Model Magazine, Beautiful, Slink Magazine, and Vogue Italy. She has also worked with well-known fashion brands such as Fashion Nova Curve, Torrid, Savage Fenty, Kmart, and Forever 21 Plus.

Aside from modeling, she is well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram. Fluvia has amassed thousands of Instagram followers by posting bold, attractive photographs and modeling content.

Early Childhood and Education

Fluvia Lacerda was born on July 31, 1980, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was raised in Boa Vista until sixteen. She then moved to the United States to study English, but her family’s financial difficulties forced her to work as a cleaning lady and nanny.



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Fluvia Lacerda began her modeling career in 2003 as a Plus-Size Model after being discovered on a New York City bus. She is among the sexiest and most popular plus-size models globally, not just in Brazil.

Her fan base has grown exponentially over the years. She owns the plus-size label Fluvia Lacerda lingerie, including a signature swimwear collection.

Fluvia has modeled for companies such as Torrid, Mar & Nua, Fashion Bug, Kmart, and Igigi. She has done photo shoots in Canada, Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, England, Australia, and Jamaica, among other places.

She was also named Model Plus Size of the Year in 2011 during Fill Figured Fashion Week, an event created by Gwen DeVoe and held in 2008 at the Metropolitan in New York. Lacerda was also the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Playboy Brasil.

Fluvia Lacerda in Playboy Brasil

Fluvia Lacerda, a Brazilian plus-size model, is the first to grace the cover of Playboy Brasil. The magazine has been in business for more than 40 years, and this was the first time in the magazine’s history that a plus-size model graced its pages.

Fluvia took to Instagram to share her joy. She was overjoyed that the cover was finally out, and she was ecstatic to be the first plus-size woman to grace the magazine cover. Lacerda was elated and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.

The stunning model and mother of two also revealed in an interview with the Brazilian magazine Epoca that they called her in February and have been negotiating with the magazine ever since. Lacerda was initially opposed to the concept, but she knew that they would be more artistic and less sexual in this new phase of the magazine.

Eventually, the model liked the proposal they gave her and offered her complete creative control over the photos. Lacerda graced the cover of a special collector’s edition of the magazine, which was available for three months.

Fluvia Lacerda’s Personal Style


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Fluvia Lacerda is always fashionable and chic. Fluvia’s hair is perfectly tousled, her cheeks are rosy pink, and her eyes, with or without makeup, are as bright as day.

Fluvia loves her curves both on and off-screen. Your favorite girl next door, Fluvia, dons romantic draped tops with delicate details like lace or ruffles. Her creamy complexion perfectly matches jewel tones and bright, bold lips.

Fluvia looks stylish even when she’s wearing something as simple as a biker jacket and jeggings or a denim shirt dress on super casual days.

“Proud Fats”

Fluvia Lacerda has no qualms about using “Proud Fats” when describing herself and her colleagues, although many people find it derogatory and use euphemisms like “plump.”

Fluvia explains that the show’s first season exposed the audience to the reality of plus-size models, which had previously seemed absurd, scandalous, and inconceivable, and that the second season focuses on the difficulties, obstacles, and successes of the three protagonists’ careers.

Lacerda, who has invested in her line of swimwear, including bikinis, and laments that the manufacturers of these apparel do not consider people like her, claims that the possibilities for “plus-size” models are as vast as those for conventional models. The fashion industry must exist for all people equally because no matter how much prejudice exists against a fat woman, she won’t disappear due to that.

Personal Life

Wallace Andrade de Araujo married Fluvia Lacerda. The couple married in a beautiful ceremony. However, they divorced in 2013. Lacerda  has two children, Lua Lacerda (born in 2000) and Pedro Lacerda (born in 2014). She might be currently single because there has been no news or rumors about her being in a relationship.


Among the most successful plus-size models, Fluvia has yet to reveal her net worth to the media. However, based on her modeling career, she must be making a good living. Aside from that, she has her lingerie line and has appeared in Playboy.

For eons, the modeling industry had only one look and a limited range of sizes. Most were tall and thin, wearing a size four or smaller. Because of the lack of representation of various sizes and shapes, many women have felt insecure, inadequate, and inadequate in terms of beauty standards.

To say there is an underrepresentation of plus-size women in advertising, particularly in magazines, is an understatement. Thankfully, society is changing, and models like Fluvia Lacerda are becoming more diverse, reflecting more of reality and its beautiful shapes and sizes. It was hard to look for plus sizes before, but these models made finding them easy.