Learn About Glamorous Plus Size Model Felicity Hayward

This glamorous plus-size model is a smiling, laughing bottle blonde from London who featured in Glamour, Vogue, and Numéro shoots and starred on the cover of i-aptly D’s titled Showtime issue. Felicity Hayward is the only person who can evoke the golden age of film with some eyeliner, a few thrifted rags, and a red lip.

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Felicity Hayward: Who Is She?

Felicity Hayward is a stunning and appealing Instagram star, English plus-size model, and social media star. She rose to prominence as a model who has appeared in numerous top magazines, including Glamour, Schon! i-D, Vogue, Ponystep, and Numero. She is also well-known for being the ASOS stylist and first Curve ambassador.

Felicity was born in Suffolk, England, on August 2, 1988. She was raised in Suffolk, England, and also finished her education there. She has been interested in and dedicated to modeling since she was a child.

Storm Management launched her modeling career. Before becoming famous, she worked as a model for photographer Miles Aldridge.

Aside from modeling, she is active and well-known on various social media platforms, including Instagram. Felicity’s Instagram account has thousands of followers. She primarily uses the social media site to share her stunning photographs, lingerie and bikini images, and modeling content.

Felicity Hayward, a plus-size model, has a theatrical and flamboyant fashion sense making people want to gasp, do high kicks, and dress in head-to-toe hot pink simultaneously. The model-turned-artist was discovered on Instagram, where she documented her cabaret extravaganzas, wild seaside weekend excursions, and Somerset House showcases.

With her eyeliner that could cut a bitch and platinum-blonde hair, she’s stunning, especially in person. But she is more than her appearance.

Hayward is a vocal proponent of body positivity who preaches self-acceptance wherever she goes. She recently launched the Self Love Brings Beauty movement, which aims to make women (and men!) feel much better about themselves.

Felicity Hayward on Beauty


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Hayward has always been self-assured. She’s been to castings as a plus-size model and has been surrounded by much smaller girls, but it doesn’t bother her because she’s confident in herself and has always received a lot of love and support. Felicity’s grandparents would tell me she was beautiful even when she was a little girl and much larger than she is now.

Sybil, the model’s grandmother, is a stunning woman who never had much finances but was always effortlessly glamorous with her 1950s perm and grey eyes. Her style is simple – a coral nail, simple makeup, and something to accentuate her look, such as a gold jacket or cerise accessory. It’s a quiet beauty who takes quiet pride in her image.

Every bank holiday, a thrift sale would be held at the end of their street. They would both get up early to shop for all the glamorous stuff they could find. It’s been a routine for as long as Hayward can remember, and it’s probably why she adores the simplicity of vintage Hollywood makeup. Since she was 13, the model has worn red lipstick and black eyeliner.

Felicity grew up with dark hair, but she thought Rod Stewart looked stunning on the cover of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” As a result, she began streaking her locks with blonde mascara and bleaching it when she was old enough.

The model has been experimenting for a long time; her style is daring, and she believes this is why people have always been too afraid to comment on her weight. Felicity has served as a role model for other plus-size models ever since.

Ditching the British Fashion Awards

Felicity Hayward decided not to attend the 2019 British Fashion Awards because the brand that invited her did not have a large size to accommodate her. The Londoner, who has modeled for PrettyLittleThing and MAC, took to Twitter to criticize the unnamed brand for only providing her with one dress while slimmer guests had their pick of the store.

According to the size 20 model, plus-size women are always an afterthought in this industry and added that she shouldn’t have to be grateful for the opportunity. Followers praised Felicity for taking a stand as a body-positive campaigner, TEDx Speaker, and presenter of Channel 4’s Naked Beach, with one mentioning that the brand’s treatment of her was downright rude.

Felicity, who debuted a lingerie collection in late November, considered expanding her talents to evening gowns. She did, however, mention that ASOS and River Island had dressed her at the awards and that she was pleased with their offerings and would continue to work with them in the future.

Judgemental Prejudices Felicity Faced

Felicity recently opened up about the early in her career judgmental preconceptions she faced because of her body. In her early photoshoots, people would mistake her for a cleaning lady and ask her to get them a cup of tea.

Felicity stated that early in her career, she was not always recognized as the model on set. She revealed that when she first started modeling and arriving on set, someone would ask her to go clean the bins and get them a cup of tea, only for her to reveal she was there for the job.

Felicity has been in the modeling industry for many years and has appeared in advertisements for companies such as The Body Shop and Mac cosmetics (check out how to select the ideal cosmetics here!). When asked if her body positivity is not helping the obesity problem, she said that if someone wants to live healthily, they must first “love” themselves.

Lingerie Line


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With ‘Playful Promises,’ the model has recently launched her inclusive lingerie line, with bra sizes of 30-34 A-H and 36-44 B-H and pieces that range from 8-30 in UK size. She created the line after finding it difficult to find bigger underwear sets that weren’t bulky and less sexy.

Felicity noticed that many websites have a large selection of amazing sexy, gorgeous, fun lingerie in smaller sizes. When it goes into plus-size, they become less sexy and bulkier, and the model wanted to create something that allowed her to have one line and set of designs in all sizes.

Because of consumer trends, there isn’t enough diversity and variety in the fashion industry. Brands will be forced to listen as more people purchase magazines with less ‘traditional’ cover stars, as more people purchase clothes modeled by plus-size models, black models, or trans models. However, true beauty comes from happiness; being surrounded by love guarantees you always feel beautiful.