How to take care of your jewelry so it always looks like new

Tips on how to properly wear, store, and clean gold, silver, pearls, and other jewelry.

How should I wear my jewelry so that it doesn’t get ruined?

Any piece of jewelry, whether it is gold or silver, will not thank you if it is treated without proper respect and worn without taking it off.

We get attached to things that are dear to our hearts. And we don’t want to think constantly about when to take off or put on the jewelry. And yet it is important. It is annoying when a ring, which has recently been perfectly round, suddenly becomes flattened. And all you had to do was take it off before working with a hammer on the dacha. Before heavy physical work, it is better not to be lazy and take off expensive jewelry to avoid problems.

What is the right way to store the jewelry?

Jewelry can age, even if you do not wear it for a long time, because the chemical reactions with the active substances continue to flow. But you can prevent negative consequences by following the rules of storage.

When putting away your precious item, which you won’t wear soon, use a soft cloth to wipe the entire surface of the item. A flannel or suede cloth will work. This will help remove dirt and grease buildup.

Jewelry should be stored in boxes or special cases, upholstered on the inside of a soft cloth. These pieces should not touch each other. It is better to put especially expensive jewelry in an individual case.

To preserve the gems in jewelry in their original form and rich color, you must follow certain requirements. Practically all stones are afraid of heat and strong sunlight. As a result, they lose their brightness and may become dull. Therefore, it is better to keep items with colored precious and semi-precious inlays in a cool place and always in a casket.

Pearls require special treatment. To prevent the stone from turning dull and drying out, wear the jewelry with them more often. Put a drop of boiled water in the box when you’re putting it away. This will create the right microclimate for your pearls for a while. Also, keep in mind that too much moisture is not good for the gem.

Can I clean and polish my jewelry at home?

Many pieces of jewelry can be cleaned and polished at home. But we want to warn you against taking a few hasty steps.

It will be difficult for a person who does not have professional skills to clean some chains of complex weaves and bracelets with a lot of small relief elements, as well as filigree jewelry by himself. But the special equipment, which is available at jewelry shops and some workshops, allows you to easily clean such jewelry. Polishing in this case, too, is better to trust a professional.

What do I need to know about caring for jewelry with inlays?

Jewelry with diamonds

Diamond is the hardest precious stone. But do not expose it too hard knocks and falls, as it may crack or split.

Diamond jewelry pieces may eventually develop pockmarks. This may be removed by washing your jewelry in a soapy solution. A soft brush is a good idea, but only if it will not damage the metal of which the item is made. After the procedure, be sure to rinse the jewelry in clean water and dry it.

Jewelry with emeralds

This is a very rare and expensive gem without a single flaw. Look at, where you can buy a perfect natural emerald. Natural emeralds almost always have flaws, but that does not stop them from being precious. To improve their characteristics, emeralds are treated with different kinds of resins and oils.

Hence the special requirements for emerald care. The emerald is afraid of alkalis, as they wash out the oil, which makes the stone fragile and deteriorate. If you have a ring with an emerald, you should take it off before doing any dishes, laundry, or working with household chemicals.

Jewelry with an emerald may only be washed in a very weak soapy solution and then in clean water. Professionals who work with jewelry know that ultrasound is not good for cleaning jewelry pieces containing emeralds. This procedure may damage the stone. If you give your piece with an emerald inlay to a good craftsman, they will wash it with a special gentle means.

Jewelry with semi-precious stones

Jewelers call semi-precious stones natural stones that do not belong to the precious. They include aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, morganite, opal, tourmaline, topaz, citrine, and many others

Objects with such stones can be washed in soapy water and brushed with a soft brush as long as they are not made of silver and do not have any coatings on them. To prevent the stones from becoming dull, you should protect them from light, heat, and high humidity.


Turn only to the most reputable professionals. Otherwise, instead of quality service, you risk coming across a “craftsman” who will not only clean the piece but will also replace your valuable stone with a glass one.