What Made Elizabeth Taylor So Glamorous?

Elizabeth Taylor was the polar opposite of today’s Hollywood fashion icons, who are eager to be shown as an everywoman. She was always dolled up like a movie star, with her hair done, makeup applied, and a plethora of jewelry. Taylor would never be seen in a T-shirt and jeans.

And, while she was known for her iconic roles, Oscar nominations, and numerous husbands, she was best known for her beauty: almond-shaped, violet eyes, pouty lips, creamy skin, and raven hair. She died of congestive heart failure on Wednesday at the age of 79.

The public witnessed her transformation from a fresh-faced curly-haired tomboy to the seductive Cleopatra. Her glamour remained consistent regardless of time, place, or role, and it was inspiring to women, even when they could never quite imitate it.

Here’s what makes Elizabeth Taylor one of the most glamorous women of all time.

Even three years after her death, the globe is still fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor’s glamor and beauty. Even though she won two Academy Awards, was best known as a Hollywood actress, and starred in the most expensive film in decades, her acting talent was overlooked, and her films came in second.

Taylor became famous not for her acting onscreen or her eight marriages but for how she looked. She is regarded as the most beautiful woman who has ever graced the earth, possessing ethereal beauty.

Her Perfectly Symmetrical Face

Of course, Elizabeth had the most enticing eyes, which could turn you into jelly with just one glance. Even in her sickness-plagued gray years, she is said to have redefined Hollywood glamor and looked seductive. Perhaps she was genetically modified for the screen.

The beauty mark on Taylor’s right cheek accentuated the perfect symmetry of her face, which was always in the spotlight. In the film A Place in the Sun, the beauty’s plump, luscious pouts, artistically drawn brows arched with aggression, and delicately tapered nose made her effortlessly fit into the aristocratic love object role.

Liz benefited more from her looks than any other silver screen actress, which helped to distract critics from her usually lackluster performances. Among cinematographers, she was a favorite.

Her allure, for example, was put to best cinematic use in 1958’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Elizabeth was already aware that she didn’t need to vamp if she was in her usual self shooting the famous scene where she showcases herself as erotic Maggie the Cat easily by lounging on a bed in pretty modest lingerie.

Scientifically Analyzed Beauty

While the rest of the world admired Elizabeth’s allure, scientists were curious about what made her so attractive.

Scientists believe that a unique mix of her porcelain skin, violet eyes, and raven hair contributed to her allure, making her face appear more feminine. Faces with more contrasting features, such as lips, eyes, and skin, were found to be more attractive than those with fewer contrasts, according to extensive research.

She also had a small, gracile jaw, a jaw that is very hyper-feminine and small, which most folks wouldn’t think of as contributing to attractiveness but does. If we consider hyper-femininity to be one sign of beauty (among many others), she has an exaggerated lower face with a small jaw and large lips. That’s one aspect of her face’s beauty that stands out.

Her Hour Glass Figure

Elizabeth Taylor’s bosoms were described as “apocalyptic enough to topple empires,” but scientists credit her tiny waist as well.

Even though science says the ultimate waist-to-hip ratio is 0.7, Taylor’s hourglass figure had a 0.6 ratio. Elizabeth was described as voluptuous, but her tiny waist gave her a very feminine appearance.

Some psychologists have devised new mathematical ratios to explain Taylor’s undeniable beauty and praised appearance. Just two years before Taylor’s death, a thorough examination of facial proportions widely regarded as attractive was conducted.

They claimed that the ideal feminine face had been discussed for a long time, describing it as the face that propelled a thousand ships. When you hear that, your mind conjures up a picture of a look, and the psychologists wanted to see what it was about it that made it perfect.

The researchers questioned over 160 people to find the actual “golden ratio.” They discovered that a woman’s face is judged to be more attractive when the vertical distance between her mouth and eyes is about 36% of her face’s length and the horizontal distance between her eyes is about 46% of her face’s width. They concluded that Elizabeth possessed the exact ratio.

She Was Always In The News

Even a celebrity’s charm and allure fade away when people forget about them. Her clever publicity was always a fading factor in keeping her attractiveness and beauty fresh in people’s minds. Actresses having relations with powerful, taken men or marrying exotic wealthy men have always piqued the public’s interest.

Both were enjoyable to Elizabeth. On the one hand, she married some of the circuit’s wealthiest men, including Richard Burton twice, who presented her with a massive rock; on the other hand, she is accused of having a sexual relationship with US Presidents. As a result, her gossip-rag queen made headlines for various reasons.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Beauty According to Historians

According to historians, Elizabeth’s natural attributes largely contributed to her image, bolstered by clever publicity, diamond collections, and marriages.

Taylor rose to fame at a young age in an era when stars were still being formed, with only a few notable exceptions, such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Katherine Hepburn. She was frequently featured in magazines, alongside Marilyn Monroe, for her appearance and affairs instead of her films.

Historians also credit her lovers with creating the image of the highly coveted siren. While her affairs with future Presidents John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were kept under wraps at the time, she was known in Hollywood as a man-eater for seducing the majority of the industry’s handsome hunks.

She was notorious for stealing husbands; the most notorious was her marriage to Eddie Fisher, who abandoned his wife Debbie Reynolds to marry Taylor, her best friend.

Even if some may argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Elizabeth Taylor’s charismatic appearance was admired by all.