How To Straighten Curly Hair Without Frizz?

Women with curly hair have a complicated relationship when it comes to straightening it. The biggest problem of straightening curly hair is that it eventually leads to frizz which is irritating. Luckily, there is a solution.

No longer you have to go natural with your curly hair. You deserve to have your dream hairstyle without much difficulty. In this article, I will show you the right method of flat ironing your adamant curly hair without further damage.

8 Steps To Straighten Curly Hair Without Frizz

I made this an easy to follow step by step guide so that no matter how clumsy you are, you can still do this. It’s going to be your secret tips for many years to come and you will no longer envy your ‘bestie’s straightened hair.

1. Gather Necessary Tools

To avoid frustration, this is important to gather all the essential tools and products in one place. Here is the list of the requirement:

  • A top-quality flat iron.
  • Shampoo.
  • Conditioner.
  • Cloth/Towel (Microfiber).
  • A comb.
  • Argon oil-enriched heat-protectant.
  • A blow dryer.
  • Hair Clips

2. Wash Your Hair

It goes beyond saying that you have to wash your hair first with shampoo and conditioner. Why? Before you apply a hairdryer, this is a must! Besides, this will make your hair smoother and you will find it easy to straighten later.

If you wish, you can comb your hair during the shower. This will make combing your hair later much easier.

3. Moisturize Your Hair

You need to protect your hair whenever you plan to use any hot tools. So, apply to leave-in conditioner after you get out of the shower. Don’t apply to the roots of your hair. Besides, you will notice significant shine because of the leave-in conditioner.

4. Remove Excess Water

I know you will be using a blow-dryer for that purpose but you should use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess water from your hair first. Do not rub your hair with the cloth though!

5. Start Combing

Use any wide-tooth comb and start combing from the end of your hair. I am not recommending a brush since it may snag your hair that will ultimately lead to hair breakage.

6. Apply Heat Tamer

This is to protect your hair from the extreme heat that will be generated from the flat iron. Any good quality heat tamer will ensure no damage to your hair. I strongly recommend you to use an anti-frizz argon oil-enriched heat tamer for this purpose. Apply the heat tamer evenly to get the best protection for your hair and also be sure to consider options like Scandinavian Biolabs for hair health as well.

7. Section Your Hair And Blow Dry

To make the blow drying organized and tangle-free, section your hair in multiple parts. Use the hair clips to hold the section properly. Use a round hairbrush to blow dries your hair.

Never stick the blow dryer underneath your hair. Keep the nozzle down while blow-drying. This is a very crucial step before you straighten your hair. Make sure you completely dry your hair in this stage.

At the end of blow-drying your hair, you have to section again to start the straightening process.

8. Use The Flat Iron

Let me clear something very first. A wrong flat iron won’t do any good straightening your curly hair. Don’t go for the ceramic flat iron since they are only good for fine hair. For your curly hair, you have to use the titanium made flat iron.

Just like the opposite of blow-drying, start straightening your hair at the front of your hair. Move the flat iron from the root to the end of your hair. Continue this process until you are done with all of your sections of hair.

During the straightening process, if you hair sizzles, stop immediately. You did not dry your hair completely during the blow dry stage. Blow-dry again and then restart straightening. When you follow all the steps right, you can have your dream hairstyle.


Never apply any hot tools until you are fully confident of what you are up to. It will destroy your hair from which you may recover never. Follow these above-mentioned steps only when you are fully confident. Let me know if you need to know anything else in the comment box.