9 Trending Hair Styles You Should Try in 2021

After salons were closed due to the pandemic, there’s hardly any mundane hairstyle. The lack of human interaction and social distancing put many fashion trends on hold for a good reason. But the pandemic didn’t stop people from being creative; they tried new things with their hair, like adding more than one color, different curls, and some just shaved off.

Now though, salons have slowly started opening, and this is when we can experiment. To get you started, we’ve listed the top trending hairstyles of 2021.

1. Blunt collarbone cut:

A-listers like Emily Blunt and Miroslava Duma ditched layers this year for a single-length blunt cut. Let’s admit, layers have been there forever, and they are likely to stay that way, but nothing screams fresh! Better than a lob that hits the most flattering length. Not too short nor too long, blunt cuts this season will bring the fierce in you.

2. Loaded-up wild shag:

Curly-haired folks are happy that the shag is back because, seriously, taking care of curls is no small feat. Curly shag has been popular for a few seasons now since many women are embracing natural texture. Unlike other hairdos, curls are in a league of their own.

Curls are just as attractive as using different colors for making a bold statement. It is understandable because a staggering 47% of people changed their hairstyle and hair color to avoid judgment, which would make you more determined to rock a wild, short, curly shag with a classic touch.

3. Short boyfriend bob:

No matter how hard everyone tries, the bob isn’t going anywhere. The bob’s been there for decades, and it’s still here in 2021, with several twists. The Boyfriend Bob is all about shorter, square outlines and a blockier bob that will give a super glossy and sharp look when ironed. Blunt bobs, the Mia Wallace bob, softly curved bob, and textured fringe bob are famous this year but customized to each gal’s personality.

4. Asymmetrical bob:

If you’re versatile with your hairstyling options, then an asymmetrical bob should be your go-to hairstyle this season. The great thing about this bob is that it looks terrific on various hair textures and types. One of the better asymmetrical looks coming out is a sharp bob-pixie with an undercut on one side and voluminous curls on the other.  Be sure to check out options like Salon quality Blow Out Brush Australia as well.

5. Mullets:

You read it right; the mullet is back this year but with a modern touch. When Zendaya rocked a textured mullet on the red carpet, it was a dream come true for many women. However, mullets aren’t a universal look because you have to have a hybrid style if you want it to go with everything. For instance, instead of having curled hair in the back, let it flow straight down as Zendaya did, and you can pair it with either baby bangs or short bangs.

6. Mermaid Shag:

The mermaid shag offers an effortless and low-maintenance look that looks satisfying with any face shape, hair texture, and length. For 2021, it has been updated by adding long layers and texture. You can also go for the complete length and adding some choppier layers around your face, especially if you have prominent features.

7. Easy Waves:

Tis, the season of air-dried care-free waves as more and more women are ditching heat styling. An effortless and easy wave look is a cool girl’s staple that doesn’t need much styling and can still complement many attires. To do justice to this style, remember to prep your hair with a high-performing leave-in conditioner, so the frizz is locked out. Moreover, when you hit the salon, ask your stylist to leave the layers heavier and even from the ear forward.

8. Curtain Bangs:

Who said curtain bangs are a thing of the past? With celebrities like Hillary Duff and Selena Gomez embracing the style with their own twists, how can we not be attracted? You can either go for short or long curtain bangs that sweep both ways as they bring out the retro vibe in you. Since this year has been about giving a modern spin to classic hairstyles, you can also opt for slightly feathered and less voluminous bangs.

9. Modern Diana:

Ah, the good old Diana look was all the craze back in the 80s and the 90s. However, since Netflix’s The Crown hit the screens, the Princess’s iconic hairstyle has never been more popular. Emma Corrin looks like an angel with the Diana bob in the series, and that has inspired a few modern spins to the hairstyle. This fresh look is a hybrid of a short, layered bob edging towards a pixie cut. This chin-length bob is a perfect hairstyle for anyone who isn’t ready for a pixie cut.


The year 2021 has been the year of low-maintenance looks with a modern twist. Hairstyles trending from the past leaped into this year to make a statement and are here to stay. The bob has dominated hairdos with blunt and asymmetrical cuts, and many celebrities are seen rocking fringes and low-maintenance hairstyles. So, as soon as it’s safe to hit the salon, try for something unique, low-maintenance, and creative.