6 Orgasms Every Woman Must Experience at Least Once

Not all women experience an orgasm and not many talk freely about it. For men, reaching climax during intercourse is not a challenge in normal circumstances. However, many women struggle to reach orgasm and remain silent about it. According to research, only 30 percent of women experience an orgasm during sex. Is the problem with them or their partner? Is there a solution to this? Fortunately, it is not one type of orgasm that you can experience. Below are 6 orgasms every woman must experience at least once in their life and how to achieve them.

1. The g-spot orgasm

This is also known as the vaginal orgasm. It is difficult for many women to reach the orgasmic state through the g-spot orgasm. To achieve this orgasm, it is possible through intercourse and it is the long-lasting one. The g-spot is a spongy area that is located 2-3 inches inside the vagina and it is made of erectile tissues. Once you know how to hit the g-spot, you will want to get it every time. The best way to achieve this is by asking your partner to rub the point in a circular motion for some time. In this way, it will help in stimulation and you can achieve the orgasm easily.

2. The clitoral orgasm 

The clitoral orgasm is popular and common, and many women are familiar with it. To experience the clitoral orgasm, caress the clitoris for few minutes or ask your partner to do it. To achieve it, your partner can caress the clitoris with their fingers gently or lick it. This practice helps many women to experience orgasms in few minutes. A woman can explore it by herself, and also use a toy instead of her fingers to achieve it.

3. The nipple orgasm 

The easiest way to achieve an orgasm is through the nipple orgasm. When you caress your breasts, it stimulates the nipples. As a result, it arouses similar senses to those that are stimulated by the clitoris. To achieve a more powerful orgasm, combine nipple and clitoral stimulation. To achieve this, you can gently touch your nipples for a few minutes or ask your partner to do it by licking and touching. This will arouse you and help you achieve nipple orgasm. It is also a vital step during foreplay.

4. The a-spot orgasm 

This orgasm is now receiving the limelight as some women know and experience it. Not many know it, it is located deeper than the g-spot. Also, not many women reach this state, and it requires their partner to thrust deep into the vagina. But, it is achievable and pleasurable when you do achieve it. Because it needs a lot of effort to achieve it, missionary style is the best way to try it.

5. The blended orgasm 

For you to experience the most powerful orgasm, it is when you achieve both the g-spot and clitoral orgasm. The duration of this orgasm can be longer than the usual orgasm you experience. It’s much likely for a female to experience the blended orgasm when she is extremely aroused. To make her highly stimulated, having longer foreplay involving touching, licking, caressing, and massaging their breasts will help. To achieve this, control your partner from thrusting by getting on top of them, and increase the duration of the intimate session.

6. The squirting orgasm 

This is the most difficult type of orgasm. However, doing it the right way and in the right position can help you achieve this orgasm. The state of squirting is when a woman ejaculates from the urethra during a g-spot orgasm creating a powerful experience. To experience this orgasm, you need a high level of comfort between partners. Missionary is the best style as well to achieve it. Plus, experts believe for some women it is easy, while others may never achieve it.

To sum up, experiencing pleasure and any of the above orgasms is important to a woman’s sex life. It is a powerful, satisfying, and intense pleasure that every woman should experience at least once. Share what you want with your partner to help you achieve any of these orgasms.