Fashion Tips to Stand Out at a Casino-Themed Party

Casino-themed parties have become a trend in recent years. It’s formal yet fun and appropriate for diverse crowds. Casino outfit ideas usually include elements of glitz and sophistication. These parties are also great for celebrating gambling industry professionals, such as our expert Szilvia Sultes.

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What Clothing Fits a Casino-Themed Party

While you’re permitted casual wear on the casino floor, the VIP section requires more elegant attire. When considering what to wear to a casino, women tend to opt for red or black dresses and high heels. Glitzy accessories and gold jewellery are popular choices.

Gentlemen are more likely to wear a dress coat and trousers or a tuxedo. Accessories for men include cufflinks, shirt studs, and either grey or white gloves.

Types of Casino Attire

Your invitation may have included a dress code. The most common dress codes for these events are:

  • White tie
  • Black tie
  • Black tie optional
  • Semi-formal
  • Alternative themes

White Tie

This means that the celebration is extremely formal. Men need to either wear a tuxedo or black pants and a coat with knee-length tails. A white vest, shirt, and wing collars should accompany it. They also need to wear a white bow tie and black shoes.

Ladies can wear floor-length evening gowns with subtle jewellery and formal shoes. You could add white gloves to complete the look.

Black Tie

Most common formal functions request this dress code. A black-tie casino outfit for ladies will consist of a long evening or cocktail dress and glamorous accessories. A dinner jacket and matching pants with a white shirt are appropriate for men.

Black Tie Optional

Occasions that are black tie optional are still formal but more comfortable. For men, this means that although a dinner jacket is required, his ensemble doesn’t have to be black. A dark grey or navy outfit will suffice.

Women’s options are less restrictive. You can select a printed cocktail dress, longer chiffon skirt, or even a dressy pantsuit.


If the party has a semi-formal dress code requirement, the expectation for men remains to don a dark suit and tie with matching shoes.

Ladies, on the other hand, have more options. Any pretty cocktail dress, pantsuit, or formal skirt will work. In terms of shoes, heels are still the safer bet, but you could get away with dressy flats if you wanted to.

Alternative Casino Themes

Some casino-themed parties are decade- or venue-specific, like a Las Vegas themed party, for example. The attire at an event like that would be slightly different, so be sure to check the invite thoroughly.

Alternative Casino Themes

How to Stand Out?

While no one wants to blend into the crowd, you want to stand out for the right reasons. So how do you accomplish this in a setting where everyone dresses to impress? Use the guidelines provided below.

Accessories Are Key

Regardless of what you’re wearing, your accessories make a statement. A single bold item like a gold necklace is enough to make you stand out, without looking unappealing. Incorporate one exciting addition to your outfit to set yourself apart subtly.

Hair Dos and Don’ts

Your hairstyle should complement your dress. Having your hair up in a chignon or high bun are popular choices for casino parties, but here are other unique styles that are just as ritzy. These are:

  • Low bun
  • Crossed half updo
  • Fishtail braid bun
  • Braided mohawk
  • High updo
  • Pinned up
  • Low coils
  • Twisted bun

According to the guest post expert, her profile is available here, you can also enhance these styles with fancy-looking hair clips. If you prefer loose locks, you can opt for styled curls or flat ironed to frame your face. For casino-themed parties, your hair shouldn’t be wet or gelled. Keep your look consistently formal.


A night-time event calls for smokey eyes and red lips with blush and foundation that suits your skin tone. If you’re not keen on the evening look, you can go with nude colours that complement your natural beauty.


Black is the colour of choice for outfits at celebrations with a formal setting. Red, gold, and silver are appropriate as well, and opting for a brighter colour will get you noticed for all the right reasons.


Casino-themed parties are elegant affairs, where you should look your best. By applying these tips, you’ll subtly stand out from the crowd and look glamorous, while still keeping to the theme of the occasion.