Exploring The Glam Side Of Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a procedure wherein a surgeon reshapes the outer ear, also known as the pinna. This aims to improve or correct the ear’s appearance. Thus, you can also refer to it as cosmetic ear surgery. While it seems like a scary process, otoplasty is safe. 

As long as you find a reputable and experienced otoplasty doctor, you’ll be in good hands. And, after the procedure, you can enjoy the following glam side of otoplasty:

1. Improve Prominent Ears

Some people have protruding or prominent ears. The outer ear is attached to the head at a typical angle of 25 to 35 degrees. When this angle goes beyond 35 degrees, the ears can appear protruding.

Although protruding ears don’t lead to any functional issue of the ear, some people may find it annoying. That’s because some people experience bullying for having prominent ears. As a result, they can have poor self-esteem.

If you’re one of them, then otoplasty can change such. Thanks to such procedures, you can choose to enhance your look, mainly fixing your prominent ears. With cosmetic surgery, you can get your ears pinned so that they’re closer to the head. As a result, your ears can have a more balanced appearance. 

This reason for undergoing otoplasty is common for children aged 4-14 once the ear’s cartilage has wholly developed. But, if you’re older than that, you can still choose this surgery by booking an appointment with Dr Gillian Dunlop – Sydney Otoplasty Surgeon or any other cosmetic surgeon near you. Because after a successful operation, recovery takes place for at least one week. With such, you can quickly return to your routine with a rejuvenated beauty and boosted confidence.

2. Fix Damage From Previous Ear Surgery

Ear reconstruction can also fix the ear that suffered from an injury because of cancer surgery or trauma. If you have missing or malformed ears due to a previous ear surgery, you can also enjoy the glamorous effect of otoplasty. However, it may be necessary to undergo a hearing rehabilitation with an otologist after the procedure.

Moreover, you can choose how otoplasty will be performed. You may require the otologist to take off a specific part of the skin and do the ear’s cartilage. Or, you may need the otologist to stretch the auricle close to the side of your head. Whatever your requirements are, an otologist carries out the process by creating a small incision at the ear’s posterior.

Generally, ear reconstruction has the following types you may have to undergo:  

  • Ear Defect Repair: This type of ear reconstruction surgery works to fix the appearance and function of the outer ear. This is the type you may have to choose when you’ve experienced trauma or cancer surgery. And, as mentioned, you may have to undergo hearing rehabilitation because this procedure will make you lose tissues. 
  • Microtia Repair: The word ‘microtia‘ refers to a tiny ear. And, this is a genetic condition wherein either of the ears, or both, is missing, malformed, or very small in size. Microtia repair may involve the creation of a new ear by using your tissue. Another option is to make a prosthetic ear.

3.  Build Up Self-Esteem

As mentioned, protruding ears may result in teasing or judgments. Especially when bullying happens when you’re a child, you may not have the ability to defend yourself or maintain composure amidst severe bullying. And, this may affect your self-esteem. 

Worse, your ears’ appearance may affect your productivity. You may become insecure and afraid to interact with other people because of the anticipation of being bullied or laughed at.

That’s why undergoing otoplasty can permanently fix these ear problems. Similar to facelift surgery and other cosmetic surgeries, it can help you build your self-esteem, which may positively impact your social life. It means that you won’t be anxious about being bullied when you socialize. 

4. Achieve Immediate And Permanent Results

While it may take time to heal, you can enjoy its immediate results once you’ve removed the bandages. Moreover, unlike other skin treatments, otoplasty doesn’t require you to have multiple treatments. One surgery is enough to improve the appearance of your outer ears. 

However, you have to ensure to get this procedure from a licensed surgeon to avoid risking yourself. Some people who have received such surgery from an unlicensed otologist may have to redo the procedure because of issues that may arise. 


That being said, otoplasty allows you to have a glamorous ear appearance. Since ears are part of your facial features, you can’t permanently hide them behind your hair. And, it may even be ineffective to use tape for protruding ears. Thus, a permanent and immediate fix for such is to undergo otoplasty.