Eastner jewelry box VS Westner Jewelry box

Jewelry fascinates women from all over the world. They present specificities in each of them. It is therefore normal that the jewelry boxes in which they rest are also different.

In this article, we have chosen to compare jewelry boxes from Asia and those from Europe and America. It is interesting to compare their characteristics in order to choose the type of jewelry box you want to buy to store your jewelry collection.

Choose eastern jewelry box for their design

Jewelry boxes in Eastern countries are particularly appreciated for the lacquered design and covered with bird drawings. The oriental culture is spreading all over the world and seduces women of all countries.

The Asian jewelry boxes are different from those of Europe and America by their bright color. There is a strong use of bamboo and exotic wood that gives a red rendering. Also, the engravings and the use of precious materials such as mother-of-pearl are distinctive signs of Chinese and Japanese craftsmanship.

Choose western jewelry box for their functionnality

Jewelry boxes in Western countries focus more on functionality than on aesthetics. This one is not neglected but is built differently, around simple lines and more discreet colors. Pine, fir, oak or birch are the most used woods.

The objective is to seduce many customers with designs that appeal to the greatest number of women. They are easily integrated into any type of interior decoration. They have many features to accommodate jewelry such as gold rings, pearl necklaces, cosmetics or other beauty products.

Choose eastern jewelry box for their rarity

Asian jewelry boxes cultivate their rarity in order to control their image and price. Of course, entry-level jewelry boxes do not adopt this strategy and are heavily distributed. However, it seems that not all Asian products are distributed worldwide.

The French, Moroccans or Americans do not have the same choice in terms of jewelry boxes. Internet is slowly changing this phenomenon but not all Asian craftmen have an e-commerce site yet. Therefore, their rarity creates their market value on the western market.

Choose western jewelry box for their availability

This is much less the case for European and American jewelry boxes which are very easy to find on the market. The volume available and their distribution allows to get western jewelry boxes from any country on the planet.

Choose eastern jewelry box for their soul

The soul of Chinese jewelry boxes lies in the mystery that surrounds them. The vague quotes and numbers that adorn some jewelry boxes help create this myth.

The large jewelry boxes often have hidden drawers at first sight. As for the small jewelry boxes, they can be accompanied by a music at the opening for example.

All these elements allow Chinese jewelry boxes to distinguish themselves from their European and American counterparts.

Choose western jewelry box for their strength

They manage to create a difference thanks to their solidity. Their controlled production and the resistant wood which composes them justify this reputation. This is particularly interesting for women who like to travel.

You can be sure that your jewelry collection will remain intact from the shocks that your luggage might receive during the trip. It is also reassuring to know that you can lock your small jewelry box!