A Guide to Choosing the Right Wall Art: What you Need to Know

There’s nothing like wall art to make good use of those vast expanses of bare wall, yet there is so much to choose from, it can seem like an ordeal selecting suitable prints. Of course, it very much depends on your tastes in interior design and art, and with that in mind, here are a few aspects of choosing wall art to consider.

It’s All About You

You are the person who is viewing the art and if a certain piece feels like it belongs, then go with your instinct and the finished décor would reflect your tastes in every respect. Good wall art should invoke a feeling of warmth and it should draw the eye and with something special like Slim Aarons original prints, which portray life of the aristocracy, with stunning poolside images and country mansion terraces.

Wall Art Size

As a general rule, wall art should be no longer than two thirds of the sofa, which keeps things in proportion to the room. You can explore by cutting up white card into various sizes and with some double-sided tape, carefully attach them where you want to place the wall art and stand back and note the overall look; you can experiment like this until you have the perfect combination of sizes to adorn the room. Click here for a few ways to make your home more glamorous.

The Focal Point

At the outset, you should ask yourself, is the wall art meant to be a focal point? Am I looking to attract the eye with bright images? There should only be a single focal point in any room and if you already have a fine Afghan or Persian rug, then keep the wall art subtle. A couple of small prints either side of the mantel would give the room a balanced look and with online solutions, you can browse as long as you wish before buying prints from the online supplier.

Bedroom Wall Art

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation and the art work should reflect this; placement should be over the bed or on the opposite wall, which is easily viewed from your sleeping position. A positive quote displayed somewhere will act as a reminder of your goals and as this is not a communal room, it should mirror your tastes and preferences.

Kitchen Wall Art

For the majority of families, the kitchen is the room where they congregate morning and evening; there are nice recesses that are ideal for small prints and a little humour goes a long way! Some people prefer the kitchen to be a vibrant and lively space, while others like the simplicity of country, with Swedish Pine and granite. A soothing tropical rain forest might be just the thing for the kitchen, or an American corn field, ripe and yellow, ready for harvest.

If you search online, you will find suppliers of original prints, either framed or unframed and in a single session, you can order wall art for every room. You are, of course, protected when you purchase items online via your credit card, and the seller’s site would be secure.