A Girl’s Guide to Glamping Abroad

Is getting all cooped up getting on your nerves? Are you itching to leave the house for some adventure but still maintain some space from other people? Would you like to explore the great outdoors but are not too keen on roughing it?

Then why not consider glamping? It’s the perfect solution when you want to get closer to nature without having to go through the hassle of pitching a tent or starting your fire.

And if you’re going to take the thrill up a notch, why not do it abroad?

Camping 2.0

Go check out the best carry-on luggage online, gather your best pals, and decide where on the map you’ll settle for your first glamping experience.

Every glamorous gal knows why glamping is such the talk of the town. Glamping meshes the words “glamorous” and “camping” together. This trend was born out of the sheer desire to enjoy the beauty of nature without the trouble of going through regular camping challenges.

With glamping, there’s no need to wrestle with tent poles and pegs, searching for clean, drinkable water, or huddling in the cold night air when the portable heater conks out. Instead, you can relax in your cozy yurt, treehouse, or fancy tepee. There are glamping pods, eco-domes, or even full-on luxury lodges and cabins with five-star amenities while still giving you that camping feel.

Other people also opt to go glamping abroad, especially if they have already gone to the local spots. There are plenty of international glamping destinations to choose from – Ras Al Khaimah, Sweden, Philippines – you name it, and almost every continent has top spots you can visit for glamping. It’s only a matter of preference on your part.

Some people even choose to invest in private jet charters when going to their glamping destinations to avoid the crowd at public airports.

If this is your first time going glamping, whether locally or abroad, then here are some tips for a fun and unforgettable experience:

1. Identify Your Preferences

Would you enjoy watching the Northern Lights from the comforts of your Kelo-Glass igloo with its sauna and fireplace? Do you fancy a night of stargazing in the middle of the Arabian desert while comfortably ensconced in your hotel-like bubble tent?

Ask yourself what kind of glamping experience you want. There are a variety of options for you to choose from. You can fly somewhere that is just a few hours away, or it can be a place located across the continent. It can be in the balmy beaches of the Caribbean, the Serengeti plains, or a private rainforest location in the Central Pacific.

If you’re going with friends or family, discuss it together so everyone can have their say. It would be best if you can iron out individual preferences beforehand to book the best glamping site that addresses your particular requirements. This way, you can avoid or reduce the nasty surprises when you get to your destination.

2. Do Research

When you or your travel buddies have finalized what you want on a glamping trip, then it’s time to do your homework.

Scour the Internet for the latest and most relevant glamping locations. Read reviews from credible publications and sources. Check out client testimonials to get some first-hand accounts of their stay. It would be nice if you are acquainted with people who have gone glamping to international destinations so you can also get tips from them.

When you’ve come up with a short list, call or email them to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to inquire about specific items, such as the food or facilities, to ensure that you have a truly delightful stay.

3. Tick Off Your Travel Checklist

Since you’ll be going abroad, make sure that your travel essentials are in place.

First, check if all your travel documents are ready. Make sure your passport and visa are still valid. You also need to find out if the country you’re going to has any travel restrictions or updates, especially in light of the global pandemic.

It’s not much of a problem when you’re taking in a chartered flight since you have more control over who the passengers are, but taking scheduled flights may require extra health and safety precautions.

Don’t forget to check the weather, currency, and specific cultural or social norms in the place you are visiting.

4. Pack Well

Since you’re going glamping, you won’t need to pack the usual camping essentials. There’s usually no need to bring tents, kitchenware, or sleeping bags. However, it would still be ideal to pack a first aid kit, a flashlight or penlight, and maybe a compass or a map. Even if the glamping site you booked already has all these amenities, it’s better to have these on hand, especially during emergencies.

Depending on how long you’ll be staying, it would also be wiser to pack light. If you absolutely need to bring a whole wardrobe, make sure it’s something appropriate to the weather and activities you plan to do while glamping.

More importantly, make sure to pack your belongings in a piece of luggage meant for adventure. Use travel bags, totes, pouches, or suitcases that combine form and function.

Besides choosing ones with stylish designs, you should also look for bags that can be effortlessly maneuvered, are sturdy, and can handle the rough-and-tumble situations that usually come with global travel.

It would be perfect if you can go for bags with TSA-approved locks and a unique tracker that will be beneficial for when your luggage gets delayed, misplaced, or lost.

5. Leave Word

Ensure that you leave your glamping and itinerary details with someone at home before you go glamping around the world. If you can, provide specific information such as the name, address, and contact number of your glamping site or lodgings.

It would also be helpful to set specific times when you can check-in with your family or loved ones. This way, they can take the necessary measures in case they don’t hear from you.

Here’s to Stress-Free Travel!

Glamping is the perfect solution when you want to enjoy daily conveniences and comforts while communing with nature.

You can still have your Wi-Fi, enjoy chef-prepared food, or snuggle in comfy beds even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Just remember to do your homework, check your travel documents, pack wisely, and have an optimistic attitude. With these ready, you’re sure to have the best glamping experience of your life.