3 Tips On Selecting The Right Sexy Bras For Your Body Type

Bras come in handy when you’re looking for extra support for your breasts. In addition, they also protect breast tissues and affect how well your clothes will fit.

Bras have a way of boosting a woman’s confidence by highlighting their femininity and enhancing their beautiful figure. Sometimes made of sexy materials, such as lace and other sheer materials, sexy bras are meant to show off a little skin and offer a minimal lift.

However, choosing the right sexy bra from numerous options might get overwhelming. But, not to worry, for this article has listed tips below to consider when choosing a sexy bra that’s perfect for your body type.

1. Choose A Type

Bras have undergone an evolution over time to cater to the needs of women, so there are many types to choose from nowadays. Therefore, having the correct type of bra will enhance your outfits’ appearance and boost your confidence.

But, for you to be able to choose the right sexy bra or sexy bra sets, you need to be conversant with the types of sexy bras available in the market, just like the following;

  • Balconette

A balconette is a bra with wide straps set apart and low-cut cups that highlight your cleavage and lift your breasts for extra support.

  • Bandeau

The bandeau bra is strapless with pockets, and can turn into a padded bra, if you’re looking for versatility. So, to avoid visible straps when wearing your summer dress or that body-hugging piece, a bandeau bra will help you nail such look.

  • Cage Bra

Cage bras not only look good on all breast sizes, but can also be worn on different occasions. And, as a result of their versatility, cage bras come with several strap designs that vary from one producer to another. Furthermore, cage bras offer the option of being exposed when being worn under different clothing.

  • Convertible Bra

Just as the name suggests, the convertible bra has straps that can be worn in many ways. It offers excellent support, whether you’re wearing a halter top, evening gown with a low back, or crisscross back shirt. In addition, its straps can be removed, and you can opt to go strapless.

  • Cupless Bra

Unlike traditional bras, cupless bras are more revealing and sexier with just a band, minimal material, and straps. But even though they don’t offer coverage, cupless bras provide lift and support, especially those with underwires.

  • Demi Bra

Just like cupless bras, demi bras show more cleavage since they cover half of your breasts. Therefore, to achieve a sexy look in a low-cut dress, demi bras are the way to go.

  • Halter Bra

Halter bras come in two options: padded and non-padded. They contain straps that go around your neck, ultimately lifting your breasts and preventing your straps from slipping. Therefore, halter tops and halter dresses will be best suited for this type of bra.

  • Peephole Bra

Peephole bras have holes on the cups that expose the nipples. Therefore, if you consider going for something sexy and intimate, peephole bras will help you achieve the look.

2. Determine Your Body Type

Knowing your body type will help you find the best sexy bra for you.

Here are some of the body types:

  • Rectangle Shape

A woman with a rectangular body shape typically has fewer curves, but with uniform shoulders, chest, and hips. Therefore, when choosing a bra, go for designs with cut-out cups, lace, and sheers. Such designs will bring an illusion of curves.

  • Oval

Out of all body types, the oval type is the most common shape amongst women worldwide. Women with oval shapes usually have large busts, slender legs, and narrow hips. Therefore, when looking for a bra, consider bras with a good lift. This means you should avoid strapless bras, push-up bras, etc. In addition, pay attention to detail and design to bring a balanced look.

  • Hourglass

An hourglass figure entails having a well-defined waist, as well as same-sized hips and bust. As a result, women with hourglass figures and more prominent busts should try balconette bras and avoid bras without sufficient support. Since padded bras and push-up bras accentuate your bust, you should avoid wearing them.

  • Triangles

Ladies with broader hips than shoulders are typically triangle-shaped. Therefore, they should get a bra with padding to create an illusion of a curvier silhouette.

  • Inverted Triangle

Having an inverted triangle shape entails having broad shoulders and an athletic build. In addition, you may have lean legs and a large chest. As a result, you should get full-cupped bras that cover your entire bust. Therefore, balconette bras may be the choice for you.

3. Size Matters

Now that you know your body type and the type of bras that will flatter your body, the next step is to know your bra size. Bra sizes come with numbers that represent the band size and a letter that indicates the cup size.

And, with a lot of women wearing the wrong bra size, knowing your size is essential to stay comfortable and get the proper support. You can find your bra size by going to a professional or following the steps listed below to know your measurements even while at home.

To begin, snugly place the measuring tape under your breasts. With the number recorded, add three inches to it, and if you get an odd number, go up an extra inch to get an even number. For instance, if you record 30 inches around your ribcage, add three more inches to make it 33 inches. You can, then, round up the number to 34, and that will be your band measurement.

As for your cup size, loosely measure around your bust, and with the recording, subtract the band size. The number you get will determine your cup size based on the following measurement:

Difference 0 inch 1 inch 2 inches 3 inches 4 inches 5 inches 6inches
Cup size AA A B C D DD/E DDD/F

For instance, if your rib cage is 30 inches after calculations and your bust is 36, then, your bra size will be 34B. That is:

Band size= 34

Cup size= 36

Therefore 36 – 34 = 2 inches (meaning you’ve got 34B sizing)

Bottom Line

Sexy bras have evolved to give versatility options. Therefore, when choosing a sexy bra, you may get overwhelmed. But, knowing your body type, choosing a bra type, and the proper sizing, you’re on your way to owning a sexy bra that’ll enhance your beautiful features.