3 of the Best Times to Wear Punjabi

One of the most beautiful parts of culture is the way that people find identity in self-expression through clothing. Entire people groups throughout history have done this adding to either a sense of national identity or even religions or philosophical identity. It is one of the beautiful parts of what makes humanity so amazing, this collective need to express the human spirit through art, and specifically through clothing.

The people of India are a proud, beautiful, and important part of the world’s culture, economy, and art. When it comes to styles that are rich in texture, color, and dramatic expression, few cultures come close to that of India. From beautiful temples and breathtaking architecture to incredibly colorful clothing, India’s people have a certain kind of beauty in their cultural expression that is to be admired.

One of the iconic styles from India is known as the Punjabi suit. This traditional style of clothing is composed of three pieces and has a distinctly beautiful look that is instantly recognizable. While the Punjabi suit is a traditional form of clothing that has lasted through the ages, that by no means implies that is not fashionable or suited for today’s culture.

What is a Punjabi Suit?

A Punjabi suit is composed of three pieces and originates from the Punjabi region of India. These suits are a style of dress that is deeply diverse and can be suited for almost any occasion. The pieces that make up a Punjabi suit are simple in design and concept and lend themselves well to being styled beautifully by patterned materials of various kinds.

The three pieces are the Kameez, Dupatta, and Salwar. The Kameez is a tunic-like top with a high waist and is cut in a specific way that makes it unique to the Punjabi style. The Dupatta is a large scarf that pulls the entire three-piece suit together, and the Sawlar is the pants portion of the Punjabi suit.

If you have been wondering about when is the best time to wear a Punjabi suit, here is everything you need to know.

Can You Make a Fashion Statement With a Punjabi Suit?

The Punjabi suit has its history deep in the northern regions of the subcontinent of India. This kind of three-piece suit has been worn for generations and is a cultural staple, to say the least. That being said, just because something is traditional, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fashionable. In fact, even though the Punjabi suit is a traditional garment, it is possible to make a fashion statement and find Punjabi suits that you love to wear.

One of the best ways of doing this is to simply find Punjabi suits that speak to who you are as a person. Lashkaraa prides itself on having a wide assortment of Punjabi suits that are made with unique designs, and bold color pallets that can act as true fashion statement pieces. Taking what’s beautiful about a traditional Punjabi and simply building off of it with unique materials and creative designs, you can have a Punjabi for a multitude of occasions.

In fact, the Punjabi suit should be thought of as something that is not just for certain occasions in life. For instance, if you were to have a ball dress you would only think of wearing it for special, formal occasions – such as a gala or a ball. A Punjabi suit on the other hand is a style that you can wear all year and on various occasions because it is versatile as a style.

When Should You Wear a Punjabi?

So when should you wear your favorite Punjabi and is there ever a time to not wear one?

1. When Ever You Want

If you are asking the question, when should I wear a Punjabi? The correct answer is simply whenever your heart tells you to. Because of the fact that these suits can be made with various different materials, patterns, and designs they can fit a variety of occasions.

2. Can I Wear a Punjabi Suit to Work?

Going to work in your favorite Punjabi suit should be something you do each day of the work week. Finding a light, breathable Punjabi suit you can feel comfortable in and look stunning in is not a problem at all, and it will make every day at work that much better.

3. Can I Wear a Punjabi Suit for Formal Occasions?

The best part of a Punjabi suit is the diversity of occasions you can don them for. Selecting a Punjabi suit of premium material with a stunning design is a great way to stand out at any party and be absolutely stunning. What’s more, is that Punjabi suits lend themselves well to being accessorized with your favorite jewelry.


Getting a Punjabi suit you love is something you should invest in whether you want something stylish for the office or something stunning for the dinner party.