ZGTS Derma Roller : Titanium Review

Since dermarolling became a hot trend in the world of skin care, there have been lots of derma rollers flooding the market. There are high-quality brands and there are also cheap and inferior ones. So obviously, you have to consider derma rollers that have better quality to get your money’s worth and to prevent adverse effects on your skin and your general health.

Probably the best way to buy a derma roller is to know which are the best sellers – there must be some good reason why they are popular and sell extremely well, right? It has got to be the quality.

Well, one of them is the ZGTS Titanium Derma Roller, which is one of the most highly regarded and best selling derma rollers today. Based on observation, their 0.5 mm model is ZGTS’ most popular. It comes with a nice packaging with a complete kit and a roller casing.


The first thing that you immediately notice about the ZGTS Derma Roller is that it is packaged quite nicely. It comes in a sturdy plastic box with a plastic foam inside which the roller’s handle is snugly held in safety to prevent damage.

An additional barrier prevents needles from touching anything, in the form of cylindrical transparent plastic cover which, once closed, keeps the head of the roller in its center again, protecting the needles.


The ZGTS derma roller handle does its job well. It has a good curve which makes it pretty comfortable to handle; it’s supposed to have an ergonomic design, right? But if you have gotten used to the other roller brands for sometime (particularly Dr. Roller), you may struggle a bit in handling the ZGTS derma roller. But hopefully, the struggle won’t be long, and eventually you will get used to holding it. This will give you more control over the pressure you roll with.


The ZGTS Titanium Derma Roller is so called because its 192 needles are made of titatnium alloy, which is lightweight but very durable. Because of the construction and material of the needles, they are supposed to last for several uses than any other model.

However, since the needles are made of titanium, the needles are not as fine as those of the other derma rollers. Check out another article, “How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Derma Roller” to know about the pros and cons of titanium alloy needles.

The needles can puncture more than 250,000 micro infiltration channels on the epidermis within five minutes, which enable serums and other topical nutrients to be absorbed into the skin easily. The micro-injuries also prompt the body to produce collagen, which causes the skin to repair the damage, heal and regenerate.

The ZGTS Titanium Derma Roller is indeed a quality derma roller with a good, sturdy build. But for those who have sensitive facial skins, the 0.5 mm needles may be too much. It can even make your skin bleed especially if you roll it a bit too hard. These needles might be rather used for other parts of the body with thicker, less sensitive skin.