How to Spot a Fake Dr. Roller

Dr. Roller is one of the most trusted brands among dermarolling/microneedling enthusiasts for making the best quality derma roller for home use. For those who are looking for a derma roller that’s high in quality and long-lasting, Dr. Roller is the best choice.

Moohan Enterprises, the manufacturer of Dr. Roller based in South Korea, has made considerable efforts to making high quality products, especially with the fakes flooding in the market that look almost exactly like the real thing.

Sometimes, you’ve got to admit that it is difficult to spot a fake Dr. Roller, because at first glance you’d think that this certain roller looks like the genuine Dr. Roller product – from the packaging down to the derma roller itself. There are many derma roller shops online who claim that they are selling the “Dr. Roller,” but at a price that’s significantly lower than the authentic Dr. Roller. So why there are fake Dr. Rollers sold online?

One of the reasons is, of course, these online shops take advantage of the product’s name and reputation to meet the growing customer demand for the Dr. Roller brand. Most of these cheap and inferior Dr. Roller imitations come from China.

Sellers are using the authentic Dr. Roller product descriptions/specifications to mislead customers that they’re looking at a “real” Dr. Roller product.

So, as a warning, you must be careful when ordering a Dr. Roller product online. Be sure to find genuine Dr. Roller resellers. You can look at a list of authentic global resellers on Dr. Roller’s official website:

But what if you have already purchased a Dr. Roller online? The following lists the steps that you should follow to verify if you have the genuine Dr. Roller product or just a fake copy.

1. Examine the box

Take a close look at the box. If you compare the product you have just bought to the pictures of the genuine Dr. Roller, make sure that they should exactly look the same.

2. Check if there’s a “Quality Guaranteed” sticker in it

The genuine Dr. Roller has a hologram “Quality Guaranteed” sticker on the box. The hologram sticker is there for a reason – it is expensive to make. Genuine Dr. Rollers are always securely sealed with a hologram sticker. Move the hologram sticker against the light to see its colors changing.

If the “Quality Guaranteed” hologram sticker is red, it means you have the three-line Dr. Roller. If the “Quality Guaranteed” hologram sticker is green, it means you have the regular eight-line Dr. Roller.

Make sure that the sticker on the box is not cut or torn, which means that the box has not been opened.

3. Make sure that the contents are sealed

Genuine Dr. Roller’s products are always guaranteed to be clean, sealed and sterilized as they’re packed.

As you open the box, you will find the roller sealed inside a blister pack, covered in a carton paper. Once this pack is opened, it cannot be re-sealed.

Make sure that the pack is completely sealed and has not been opened. If that’s the case, you can be sure that the Dr. Roller that you’ve purchased is completely sealed and sterile.

4. Check the contents inside the box

This is what you get inside the box:

  • Roller derma roller inside a white plastic tube container;
  • User manual;
  • Counter sticker (marked 1 to 10), which you will use in keeping count of your rolling sessions.

Following these simple steps, you can now be confident to know whether you have the authentic Dr. Roller made in South Korea, or just a cheap and inferior knockoff.