Why You Will Love Wearing Magnetic Lashes

Whether you are an old hand with a pair of adhesive lashes, you prefer to visit the salon for a professional application, or a precision pro with individual eyelash extensions, chances are the invention of magnetic eyelashes changed your life.

If you still haven’t made the switch to this practically effortless look, let me break down for you why you should consider trying a pair of magnetic lashes.

No Glue or Gummy Residue

The biggest difference – and check in the “pro” column – between regular adhesive lashes and magnetic lashes is that you can wear magnetic lashes with virtually no damage to your natural lashes. Improper adhesive application happens occasionally, and when you pull off the lash band, your delicate natural lashes can be ripped out. With magnetic lashes, your natural lash is sandwiched neatly between each set, like a pair of clip-on earrings… making them your new favorite accessory with no lash loss! It’s also easier to wear your favorite oil-based liners and cream shadows with magnetic lashes, because there is no glue to wear off.

They Travel Well

We’ve all known the struggle of packing an overnight bag or suitcase with our makeup needs only to find that we misplaced a crucial beauty tool. Why is it so easy to lose eyelash glue? Probably because it comes in those tiny, fingernail size tubes. Or, you open up a fresh box of lashes and discover that you have no way to trim them to fit your eye. If you’ve got your well-loved, broken-in pair of magnetic lashes, you can just clip them on as usual – no need for any additional product whatsoever. 

They Keep Better

With your best magnetic lashes, the re-wear value on them is up to five times as long as a standard pair of adhesive lashes, if they are cared for properly. Synthetic or mink lash fibers are only recommended to be worn up to 5 times, whereas a well-maintained pair of magnetic lashes has about 20 to 25 uses. Eyeshadow fallout, dust, and pollen does not cling to magnetic lashes because there is no gummy residue to trap bacteria and irritants. You can wash them carefully in a warm water soak with makeup remover and gentle soap, and place them in a clean place to dry – preferably the original box so they keep their curvature.

It’s a Money Saver

A good pair of magnetic lashes may run in the ballpark of $35 to $50, which is a bit more expensive than a standard package of falsies. However, when you take into account how much you are saving with the re-wear value – especially if you are a daily wearer – then one set of magnetic lashes can last almost a month before they need to be replaced. If you were wearing adhesive lashes with the same regularity, you would end up spending more on new pairs that never looked quite as good on after the first application. Not to mention the money – and hours! – you will save on visits to high-end lash salons, where a professional eyelash application can run between $125 to $300 and lasts only a few weeks. 

There Are So Many Styles

As magnetic lashes become more popular, more lash companies have expanded their selection to include a variety of lengths, textures, and colors available in adhesive as well as magnetic lashes. Fantasy colors create a bold, artistic and dramatic look for high-fashion aesthetics. Short and demure wispies are subtle enough to wear as a professional look in the office, all while appearing totally natural.