Why are watches status symbols?

A watch like a car can be a status symbol. Just like some cars are not only for getting you from one point from another, so are some watches not just timepieces. Watch lovers can own watch collections just like car lovers do.

Here are the reasons that watches are a status symbol.


Way before the mobile phone was ever dreamed, the only piece of technology that existed was the watch. Back then, watches were carried in the pockets and wrist watches were not even an idea.

Watches were as expensive then as they are now, although things have changed. Anyone who had a watch was a rich man and owning a timepiece was one of the ways to show it. Like Scandinavian watches of today, owning a timepiece back then was a sign of wealth and sophistication.

Designer watches

Like designer clothes, there exists designer watches. As designer clothes are a sign of wealth, so are designer watches.

Designer watches are available in unique materials, styles and designs. They can be custom made to suit the owner’s style or manufactured in limited editions. They come with very high price tags qualifying them only for the elite who can afford them.

As such, watches become status symbols.

Popular brand names

There are popular brand name watches that have built their reputation over the years. Brand names such as Rolex or the less popular but high in demand with the elite Patek Phillipe.

These watch brands when worn, symbolize value and can be used as a net worth and lifestyle indicator. Watches like the Patek Phillipe are rare and are price in hundreds of thousands in dollars and Euros.

The perfect status symbols.

Helps you to be taken seriously

In Europe especially, watches are a requirement if you want to be taken seriously in both the social and professional circles.

There are many mass-produced watches that one can wear for this purpose. However, the more expensive the watch that you wear, the more seriously you will be taken. This means that you will have to wear an easily identifiable watch for this to happen.

Like a Rolls Royce or Bugatti, your watch has to stand out even subtly from those that others around you are wearing.

Mechanical watches v other watch types

Mechanical watches are classy and most preferred as a status symbol. They are high quality watches that often last a lifetime and are passed down as family heirlooms. Mechanical watches rather than use batteries, have a pendulum mechanism that runs them and keeps them accurate at all times.

Other types of watches do not command as much awe and value as mechanical watches. As such, they are much cheaper and not necessary used as status symbols.

Mechanical watches can be compared to high end cars while other types of watches for example battery powered are ordinary cars.

Make great gifts

Watches make great gifts. Like every other item that can be considered a good gift, it is pricey and long lasting. Many people also buy themselves watches to as gifts to themselves top mark major milestones in their lives. For example, a promotion or a wedding are some of the major events that people commemorate with a great watch.

Country of origin

With the growth of technology in manufacturing, there are many mass-produced watches available in the market. As such, watches that will be status symbols are determined by their country of origin.

Swiss made and designed watches are some of the most prominent and valuable watches. This is because most of them are designed and developed based on an art or skill that has existed for generations and the use of expensive materials.


Watches are more than tools to tell time. They are valued from back in the day as a price asset to own and a great status symbol. Watches that qualify in this category are expensive and stylish and can be quickly spotted when worn on the hand.