What’s in fashion for the beginning of 2021?

After a year where every clothes you bought were mostly to impress your mirror and the rest of the people in your household, we can finally hope that we’ll be able to go out in style soon, thanks to the vaccine. So, what will be in style then? Here are a few trendy clothes you should look up online and buy, to get ready to socialize again, hopefully very, very soon.

1. Coats that stand out

This is not your typical navy blue or black coat year. Designers have decided to put a little colour into our life and let’s agree that it is a great idea! The one coat you will need in 2021 is a leather trench with fur trimming. They come in various silhouette shapes, colours and textures. The fur can vary as well. One thing is certain, a mens fur coat is something you should think of adding to your closet this year.

2. Have you heard about the Shacket?

While we were all in lockdown, some people got their minds on overdrive, it would seem, trying to find the next “cool thing to wear,” and they came up with the shacket. It is some kind of a jacket to replace the denim one, which is not warm enough for the winter season. It is a thicker version of the flannel shirt, which is meant to be worn open, over a regular shirt or a turtleneck. It is sure to keep you warm.

3. Superior Loungewear and Activewear

I guess being prepared is always good. Therefore, if we were to spend some more time at home, here and there throughout the year, better get some comfortable clothing. But this time, the designers have added a bit more style, so that we can actually look at ourselves in the mirror, when we pass in front of one, in the house. The sweatpants for women are getting shorter, and they come with a fitted top. This is definitely a great idea for couples, to keep the flame alive.

4. Neutral and Minimalist

Last and probably the least exciting part of the new fashion trend: Neutral tones are still in vogue. They are also used for clothes that are simple and comfortable. We should see a lot of earth tones again this year, as well as a variety of light blue. In the end, keeping life simple might not be such a bad idea, after these complicated months we all went through…