What is a Smile Makeover and How Much Does it Cost?

Smiles signals to friends and other people that you are happy. You also become approachable and full of life. With a beautiful smile, you will also improve your confidence and your gums and teeth’ health.

Most people choose to alter their smiles for several reasons that include filling gaps from already removed teeth, chewing, and improving their teeth and gums’ health.

People interested in a beautiful smile should be wondering what a smile makeover is and what procedures can help improve the smile. There are so many reasons why one may want to have that appealing smile. It also connects you more with your friends.

What is a Smile Makeover?

The smile makeovers are thought of as purely cosmetic, but they become more and better in the real sense than that.

A smile makeover in NYC is the process of working to improve the health and appearance of your gums and teeth. It is accomplished through a series of various dentistry procedures.

During the initial assessment, the dentists will assess the health of your jaw, teeth, and the gum foundation using the combination of x-ray, visual and shall also make models of the teeth. From that point, they will also recommend the best treatment course to get help get back a beautiful and appealing smile that one can be proud of.

Treatments That One Can Get To Improve their Smile

There are several types of dental services and treatments that one is always accorded to improve their smile. One of the most important things to remember is the smile makeover, which shall depend on the desired results, is expected to take time but will be worth it. Therefore, it is important to ensure patience whenever one is undergoing through the entire process.

When looking for a smile, it is important to note that a smile makeover will not give you a specific smile, but dentists and other experts shall help you to get a beautiful smile that looks right. Therefore, having the right smile with you make you a better person in return.

Through improved services, people can always improve the symmetry, color, straightness, and filling minor gaps that include spaces whereby the teeth have even been extracted.


Every smile’s color and general appearance can improve with three procedures: teeth whitening, veneers’ use to rebuild a natural curved healthy smile, and using ICON resin for mottled teeth.

Experts will weigh out the various treatment options that will make your smile look superb.


Improving your health symmetry means balancing the left and the right sides of your teeth. Experts can work to help every patient to discover their smile.

Depending on the seriousness of specific issues, there is a variety of various treatment methods to apply. They can include crowns, enameloplasty, veneers, and composite infill.

Your teeth can look exactly the way you would like them to be. You only need to contact an experienced expert in New York City who will work on boosting your smile.


Orthodontic treatment for adults can improve your smile straightness. They will surprise you with various solutions for adults tooth straightening that shall include incognito lingual braces, Invisalign, and other tooth-colored braces.

Experts will mostly work on the adult braces to ensure that they maintain an active and normal lifestyle. They make them look younger than their exact age and are so passionate about their lives.

Filling Gaps

Over the years, you will realize that teeth keep shifting and may move around, sometimes creating small gaps between the teeth. You are also required to have them removed for several reasons leaving a space between the remaining ones. The surrounding teeth become more vulnerable to cavities and decay.

You are needed to have a treatment that varies largely depending on the size of the left gap and the surrounding teeth’ health. Orthodontists usually recommended a crown, bridge, composite, or enameloplasty or veneers to help close that gap in the smile.  If you need a recommendation, you can get your crown fitted and dental veneers done in South barrington to get a stunning smile.

You will also be the person to offer the direction they would take after listening to their professional advice. The treatment shall also depend on the state of your body’s health.

How Much Does The Smile Makeover Cost?

You should have noted the different types of services and treatments involved while working on a smile makeover. This means that the cost shall depend on two factors: what your teeth look like and how you would like them to look.

You may only want to be done tooth whitening or just a crown for your back teeth. Others may want veneers on the front teeth or other several combinations of services. With a beautiful smile, you can always be proud of yourself and boost your confidence and improve your teeth’ overall health.

Benefits of Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover has many advantages. They will include customized treatment plans that are usually appropriate for patients’ needs, restoration of a beautiful and youthful appearance, and other predictable outcomes.

With the improved health benefits, there will be no need for one to feel uncomfortable or even embrace their smile when there are effective or minimally invasive treatment options. If one is afraid of receiving any of the procedures associated with a smile makeovers, various sedation options are usually available to help one feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire treatment.

In conclusion, there are several approaches that one can apply to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. You will only look for the best Orthodontist who will take you through the entire process. It is advisable to consider going for an experienced expert who has been in the industry for a long time. Most people have always taken things for granted, and therefore when it comes to matters regarding our smiles, there is the need to consider the services of a person who has been in the sector for a long time. Your dentist would be the right person to refer you to an orthodontist.