The Best Body Wash for a Luscious Bathing Experience

Taking a shower or a bath should be a relaxing, fantastic experience for everyone. Cleaning the day off of your body and washing your worries away, or taking a nice shower to prepare you for whatever may lie ahead in the day. Either way, if you’re taking a shower (or a bath, if that’s more your vibe), you’re going to want it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

A big part of that bathing routine, of course, is body wash. Fun fact, your skin is the largest organ in your body (yay, biology!) so what you clean it with is super important. So the body wash you decide to use will play a massive part in how luscious and relaxing your bathing experience is.

What Should I Look for in a Body Wash?

So we’ve come to the understanding that the right body wash is crucial to your overall bathing experience. But what are you looking for? And why are some better than others? Which one is the best, and why? Well, there are a few considerations you should examine to come to this conclusion.

First and Foremost, You Need it to Clean

Before you get into scent, feel, and even sustainability, you have to start with the most basic requirement for your body wash: does it leave you feeling squeaky clean? This may sound pretty base, but there are a few super “all-natural” body washes out there that don’t do the trick. And if it doesn’t get you clean, then it isn’t the best.

So you’re going to need a body wash that melts away all the dirt and grime from your skin.

Next, Does it Smell Good?

When you hop in the shower, a lot of the time (mostly if you were outside or worked a long, long shift today), you’re… a little stinky. And that’s okay! Because that’s what your shower is for. You want your body wash to clean off your stinky pits and smelly feet (no shame!) and leave behind a pleasant, fresh scent. 

When we’re talking scent, though, you also have to consider making it smell good. Many body washes contain fragrances full of chemicals and artificial stuff, which doesn’t contribute to a luxurious, luscious bathing experience. 

Is it Good for My Skin?

This is what separates the “meh” body washes from the “heck yeah that’s the stuff right there” body washes. Though dollar store and other cheap body washes are inexpensive, most of them contain chemicals that will irritate and possibly damage your precious skin, while some ingredients like parabens are even linked to hormonal imbalances. Not really worth it, if you ask us.

A good body wash will have more natural ingredients that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, and no irritants that could leave your skin inflamed, itchy, or worse.

The BEST body wash, though? That one is going to have healthy, vegan ingredients that can renew, soothe, hydrate, and even tone your skin, leaving it even better than before. Not only will it feel great when you shower, but it will also leave your skin feeling great well after you dry off and go about your day (or go to bed, for us night showerers.)

So, Which Body Wash is the Best?

After doing, like, about an hour of research we can conclude with confidence that the best body wash is an all-natural, cruelty-free water-activated powder wash. That was a lot of words, but what does it mean?

A powder wash comes in a small bottle that actually outlasts five large bottles of body wash. It carries all of the benefits listed above and has the added benefit of using way less plastic, so it’s best for your body, and the best for the world around ya, too!