A Personalized Skin Care System Made Just for You

When someone you’ve never met promises something made “just for you,” it’s hard to take them seriously. But as far as Proven skincare is concerned, the promise is pretty accurate. 

That’s thanks to the Skin Genome Project. Created by a coalition of Stanford scientists ranging from dermatologists to data scientists, it essentially involved throwing a whole lot of testimonial, product, and research data together and sorting it in exciting ways with a complicated artificial intelligence.

The Skin Genome Project won the MIT 2018 Artificial Intelligence award. Now it’s the backbone for a new skincare company formed and operated by the same scientists who developed the Skin Genome Project. 

Specific questions about your skin are combined with environmental variables based on where you live and your activity levels. Those are then virtually mapped to a genomic combination of hair traits. It’s a complex idea realized only now that we have the scale and the A.I. sophistication to allow it.

Advanced Without Being Intimidating

The Skin Genome Project is a fascinating work of genius, but there’s some small genius in how Proven portrays it to users as well. Despite the complexity of the algorithms that power the Skin Genome Project, it can be shown to users in an incredibly digestible format: a quiz that can be finished in about three to five minutes.

Honesty is necessary to get the best results, but you’ll be asked a series of questions about your skin and activity levels. As you continue to build your profile by answering these questions, Proven will begin constructing a list of ingredients that will be suited to your skin type. These suggestions will grow as you start to map yourself more precisely on the genome map 0 and as your specific condition is filtered through the different layers of data. 

It’s sophisticated, but in a way that’s understandable. And since the whole package comes in three simple containers, it’s both portable and easy to make a part of your existing skincare routine.

A Skin Care Regimen That Grows With You

Proven recognize that skin doesn’t stay the same; it changes over time in many different ways. And the Proven formula is built to adjust to that. As your skin continues to grow and change, you can continue to take the quiz and adapt the formula to both your concerns and your changing physiology. 

Taking things a step further, Proven draws information from your zip code to learn more about the environmental conditions that can affect your skin health and adjusting the ingredients accordingly. That includes information like water hardness, humidity, and wind factor. It’s an impressively in-depth system that seems to be producing quality results. 81% of people who used the Proven formula say that it noticeably brightened their complexion. That’s doubly impressive, considering each formula was specially formulated for a different person.

A Constantly Evolving Formula

You might want to periodically adjust your formula because the growing number of users means an ever-increasing amount of actionable data to draw from. And a more significant number of actionable data means a formula that can zero in more specifically on the needs of your skin. 

Proven’s 51 ingredients are composed primarily of naturally occurring minerals, herbs, and vitamins. They’re smartly partnered with one another to maximize the positive impact that each element brings to the table. We can expect that sophistication only to grow as the Skin Genome Project database and its associated personalized skin care system gets more attention.