Should Climate Affect The Choice Of Your Skincare Products?

There is no doubt that weather affects the skin. Skin is the outer layer of the body that remains in direct contact with the outside weather. So, it is a known fact that changes in outside weather affect skin conditioning.

However, the extent of the effects depends on several factors, including your genetic makeup, level of skin exposure, and how sensitive your skin is. For instance, people might experience oily skin in summers and flaky skin during winter.

If the weather is responsible for changing your skin type, you must take care of your skin with the changing weather to maintain a constant complexion.

How Does Climate Affect Your Skin?

Just like you need different clothes to cover your body in different climatic conditions, your skin needs different skincare products to maintain the same complexion. As the weather changes, it directly affects the skin.


The winter climate can make your skin dry and flaky. This results in having irritated skin. Very low temperature, coupled with low humidity, robs every ounce of moisture away from the skin. Even if you turn on the central heating system, the problem is not solved. This is because the atmosphere itself is low on moisture.

When your skin dries up, the dried-up skin clogs your pores, resulting in acne. In addition, the comfort eating that you enjoy in cold weather also leads to skin breakout.

While there is no one-fits-all solution, you can help maintain your skin by changing the skincare routine with the changing weather.


During summer, your skin complexion changes from normal to oily, leaving you open to developing breakouts. The higher the temperature, the more your skin is stimulated to use secret oil. This makes your skin feel greasy.

Furthermore, summer means the sun is sitting right on top of your head. This can result in the sun blemishing. Sun blemishes can cause uneven skin tone and skin cancer.

Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer in the USA. To ensure that your skin remains protected during hot weather, change your skincare routine accordingly.

Should Climate Affect The Choices Of Your Skincare Product?

As we have already stated, different weather has different effects on your skin. Hence, you must change your skincare routine based on the climate you are living in.

For instance, if you live close to the equator and experience hot weather, your skincare routine must have SPF. However, if you are living in a cold region, you must prioritize restoring your skin moisture.

We understand that keeping up with the changing weather is tough, but if you have the right products, you can certainly do so. Check out the best skincare products in Dubai to ensure your skin gets the right product for the right weather.

1. Warm & Humid

Warm and humid weather makes your skin dry. Hence, it is important that you use a lotion rich in SPF and contains more water and less oil.

2. Warm & Dry

If the weather is warm and dry, we recommend using products with hyaluronic acid serum. These serums are light and effective against the sun. You can also add an SPF lotion to protect your skin against harmful sun rays.

3. Cold & Dry

Live somewhere cold? That means your skin will most likely dry due to the lack of moisture in the air. Use cream and lotion rich in ceramides and protein. This will help you lock the skin’s moisture inside.

4. Mild Weather

If you live in a place with mild weather – meaning neither too cold nor too hot, keep your skincare routine simple. It is advised to look for a lotion with antioxidant properties.

5. City Weather

If you live in a city, it is not the weather that your skin has to adjust to. You must be looking out for the pollutants in the air. Pollution breaks the collagens that can lead to skin cancer.

The Bottom Line

Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs in your body. Hence, it is important that you give it constant attention to maintain a smooth and youthful complexion.

One of the natural enemies of your skin is the changing weather. It can alter your skin’s texture, elasticity and suck away all the moisture. To ensure this never happens to your skin, follow a proper skincare routine that helps you with the weathering changes.