The role of supplements in the treatment of hair loss is not a new thing. Many supplements are in the market today claiming to surmount the problem of hair loss. However, do you know there are other things beyond what manufacturers are saying about hair loss supplements? I will tell you more about outstanding hair loss supplements. This product is called Hairfinity Pills. It is a clinically proven hair loss treatment that is generally acceptable.

Some of the ingredients in Hairfinity Pills are:

  • Vitamin A: This promotes the growth of cells in the body and also has a direct impact on hair growth. It also promotes the production of sebum, which is responsible for moisturizing the scalp and maintaining healthy hair.
  • Vitamin B12: which supports the production of red blood cells. These are the oxygen carriers in the blood. Do you know that an increase in red blood cells will benefit different tissues and cells in the body? Yes! This vitamin nourished your scalp and hair follicles by maintaining a steady supply of oxygen.
  • Vitamin B Complex: which nourishes scalp and hair follicles to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. This vitamin also slows down the graying of hair.
  • Vitamin C: This Vitamin benefits the hair in various ways. One of it is that it is a powerful antioxidant, so it protects cells against oxidative stress that’s known to block hair growth and cause aging of hair. Moreso, this vitamin supports the production of collagen. And collagen is a popular protein found in hair- and skincare products.
  • Vitamin D: this vitamin can help with the creation of new follicles from which hair grows.
  • Biotin: This is a popular Vitamin B known to stimulate hair growth. It also improves the elasticity of hair, prevents breakage, and fights dryness. Moreso, it as well assists with the production of keratin, a protein that forms part of the hair structure.
  • Silica: This improves the growth and elasticity of hair through the improvement of the production of collagen. It as well makes the hair grow strong and thick.
  • Other ingredients are: MSM and Capilsana Complex

Where to purchase Viviscal?

Hairfinity Pills website is the best place to purchase this product. By doing so it is guaranteed that you are not buying fake products or counterfeit. Also, if you are the type that demands a discount for products you purchased, the official website is good for you and not third party retailers. The retailers give options for different buyers which ranges from $2.99 – $299.99 and between 1-12 months respectively. It is advised to buy more than one bottle because the usage may span for three months.