Promote your new album with QR codes for music artists

The music industry is in constant need of platforms to promote and advertise. Did you know that a simple way to do that is to utilize QR codes to promote new music?

Add an artistic touch to your QR codes using an QR code generator online with advanced customization features to maximize marketing campaigns.

QR codes are a creative and space-saving way to disseminate information about your favorite artists and songs.

They’re versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of marketing promotions.

How to promote your music using QR codes

Advertise and connect

Stand out from the crowd using a vCard QR code instead of traditional business cards when networking. Save the hassle of manually typing in your name, number, email address, and social media profiles.

Musicians, artists, and producers can instantly provide their contact information in just one scan. The scanner will then have the option to save it directly on their devices. No more worrying about losing a traditional business card.

Hit two birds with one QR code. First, you can promote your album, and at the same time, you can get connected to fans more easily with exclusive content.

You can also put QR codes on your postcards and business cards to direct people to your online portfolio, social media profiles, and YouTube channels where they can watch music videos or anticipate the album release date.

Boost your number of followers

Understanding your audience is essential for creating and promoting your music.

Get people to follow your social media accounts or support your causes by flashing the social media QR code on the big screen, or putting it on your concert posters and tickets.

Make it simple for your supporters to follow you on various social media platforms by creating a social media QR code. All your social media accounts will be connected in this one QR code.

Fans will be able to easily follow your accounts after scanning your QR code. No need to manually type in your name, or searching it on Google.

Promote solo artists and bands

Make it easier for people to attend your events with the use of QR codes for music promotion and concerts.

A musician’s career involves extensive touring and performing at various venues across the world. Producers are responsible for promoting these tours and creating a lot of anticipation online.

Assist audiences in finding your booked concerts or exhibits by providing them with a Google Maps QR Code. It’s particularly useful when performing at smaller or lesser-known venues.

Share behind-the-scenes and other exclusive content

Are you planning on releasing your own merchandise? You can easily promote that with a URL QR code that will lead scanners directly to your online store.

You can also create exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage and convert it into a video QR code.

You can give fans access to your creative process, from writing down to recording your music.

Post QR codes where people can easily see it, both offline and online. This will direct them to additional content about yourself and your work, such as galleries, concerts, interviews, and your new merch.

Show off your work using efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable QR codes. You can always rely on its ease of connection between the offline and online worlds.

Use the best QR code generator with logo software to share more details about your new music, and make encoding data files such as films, photos, and audio more seamless.