Online casinos: a substantial rise on Twitch

Firstly, Twitch is a live video platform where videographers called “streamers” film and comment on their live video games. With the current health crisis and the long global lockdown, the site has seen a vast increase in traffic. Additionally, summer is often the season for casinos, but unfortunately, with the COVID-19, habits have changed. Are you looking for more information on the topic? Check out the to learn more!

Online casino: the new virtual trend in Australia

Playing at a gambling establishment usually requires a little bit of money and, above all, you have to learn how to lose. Fortunately, the online casino sector is booming, and there are plenty of offers. In addition, the trend of “free to play” applications is a massive success among 18-25-year-olds.

Many specialised videographers comment on their live casino games on the Twitch platform: roulette, blackjack or even the traditional slot machines and all this without leaving home. These streamers gather thousands of people every night and often collect several thousand euros in winnings.

If you feel the thrill of the gambling establishment, but your wallet is tight, an online casino is for you. There are hundreds of sites on the net where you can play without spending a single cent.

Online gambling is well represented on Twitch

As a reminder, Twitch is a collaborative platform that allows you to watch videos of people filming themselves playing video games, chatting with their community and many other content categories. Thus, in its “slots” category, it is possible to find many streamers playing online casino games on Twitch.

At present, there are almost 771,000 viewers who follow this category of games on the platform, i.e. people who watch content. However, the virtual world is changing dramatically, and it is now possible to play online casino games like video games. These streamers, which are used to online casinos, bet amounts according to their gaming budget. Some of them bet huge sums, equivalent to several thousand euros.

Some online casino platforms even have their Twitch channel. These, like Lecasinoshow, set up shows around the gambling establishment and bring in guests throughout the stream. This allows them to gather their community around the platform’s content while involving them in the games. In addition, by participating in the streams, the viewers can win some game tickets for their accounts.

How do I know which casino to play at legally?

Firstly, Australian regulations do not apply to sites where you do not have to put money in your pocket: free to play areas are not a threat because you never have to insert your bank card to continue playing.

On Twitch, most gambling establishment streamers use VPNs to play on foreign sites that do not respect Australian law. Therefore, many sites allow identifying and comparing legal sites with a license. However, the law on virtual and real casinos in Australia is strict: only state-run casinos are permitted.