Nail Stamping Basics for Newbies in Australia

Australia is small as a continent, but it is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is one of the most beautiful, with its scenic beaches, pristine nature parks, and world-renowned landmarks. 

Australia is an island continent, but its separation has done little to weaken its ties with other countries. It is now a melting pot for many cultures mixed together harmoniously. This cultural diversity is evident in their way of life, from architecture to the arts to their cuisine. It is also reflected in their cosmetics, including nail art. The most creative nail stamping plates in Australia are truly amazing. 

Nail stamping is a fun way to showcase your personality and make your nails stand out. How exactly is it done? Read on to find out.

What is Nail Stamping?

Nail art stamping is exactly what it sounds like. It is the technique of putting artistic designs on your nails using a stamping device. This tool has a metal plate with engravings on it. Nail polish is applied on the plate and is then stamped on your nails to create interesting patterns. 

Nail stamping is a convenient way to achieve intricate details on your nails. It is a relatively new technique, and making your nails look their absolute best has never been this easy. Aside from being easy to apply, the plate design is limited only by the imagination. As such, you have an infinite number of designs to choose from, and you will never run out of options, whatever your preference may be. 

Recreating these patterns using freehand nail painting can be quite difficult. It would take much longer and might need the expertise of professionals. With your own nail stamping plates in Australia, the sky’s the limit for you and your nails. 

What Do You Need for Nail Stamping?

You can buy nail stamping kits online or from retail stores. Each kit generally has all the tools you need, especially if you are new to the hobby and still trying to get a handle on the basics. It has three of the most used tools in nail stamping, aside from the nail polish.

  • Stamping Plates

A stamping plate is a metal plate on which various art patterns are engraved. This plate determines the design that will go on your nails. You can buy nail stamping plates in Australia from retail stores or online, and you can have your pick from the infinite choices available.

  • Nail Stamper

Nail stampers transfer the design on the stamping plates to your nails. They can be made of rubber or clear jelly. The clear nail stampers are popular among nail stamping enthusiasts because they are easier to use and more accurate. 

  • Scraper

The scraper is used to remove excess nail polish from the stamper. This ensures that the designs transferred to your nails are accurate and even. 

These are the three basic tools in any nail stamping kit, but as you get more creative, you might want to buy additional tools that give you more design options.

How to Use a Nail Stamper

With your nail stamping kit complete and ready, your way to unique-looking nails is easy. First, prepare your nails by applying a clear base coat. Once this base has dried, apply the colour of your choice, then allow it again to dry. Next, select the pattern you want on the plate then paint over it. Use thicker polish for best results. Scrape off excess polish using the scraper. A neat trick is holding the scraper at an angle of 45 degrees. Once your design is clean and even, use the stamper to pick it up and roll it over your nail. 

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