Making My Own Calendula Baby Oil

After discovering the amazing benefits of calendula oil to your skin, you may want to try purchasing calendula oil (or calendula oil-based products). One caveat though: calendula baby oil (or similar products) does not come quite cheap. Instead, you may prefer to make your own calendula baby oil, which turns out to be surprisingly simple.

Commercial and homemade “calendula oil” products (such as calendula baby oil) are not actually made from 100% pure calendula oil. They can be mixed with other components. And here in this article,

we are going to show you on how to make your own calendula baby oil together with other suitable ingredients:

1. Sesame seed oil (which is relatively cheap) – the base oil, 80% of the solution
2. Calendula oil (which is quite expensive) – 20% of the solution
3. Chamomile oil (which is quite expensive as well) – just a few drops, about six drops per 50 ml.

Mix all the three ingredients together and put the mixture into a small bottle or vial – preferably a dark-colored one and with a dropper cap. Keep it away from sunlight. That’s it! It’s very easy to prepare. And the best of all, you have a homemade baby oil that is fragrance- and chemical-free. It’s now ready to use in relieving skin problems (such as eczema) and other ailments.

Other essential oils may also be included into the mixture. Almond oil can be used, and people just love its subtly sweet scent. Lavender oil can be used too as it is fragrant and non-irritating – a few drops of it should be enough. But for those who want a fragrance-free calendula remedy oil, these three listed ingredients mentioned above will suffice.