It’s The New Year! Get Your Home Decluttered Professionaly

The new years always come with this familiar vibe of newness, change, and light.

And aligning the state of your home with that vibe is not just an option.

Especially if you’re the accomodating type.

You want to make every spot of the house transformed into a haven for your homecoming guests.

To help you achieve that without breaking the bank, I have written this New year home declutter guide.

But if you’d rather let the professionals do a great job for you at a competitive price, I recommend these Junk Removal Experts of Kansas City, Kansas.

Without much ado, let’s dive into the home decluttering guide for the new years below.

Step 1; Pick A Date

While it’s apparently not your first wedding day, it’s important to pick a date for your decluttering work. Sit back, hold a calender together with your schedule for that week, and figure out what you are sure to be free. If you’re a workaholic and are lucky that the pandemic hasn’t taken your job from you, you’re likely to be afraid to request for a day off at work. Right? In that case, you’ll want to make use of your lunch-break on any of the working days.

Step 2; Work Around The Old Stuff

Chances are that you have the ornaments from last year hanging around. From dusty old christmas wreath to piles of christmas ornaments and everything in-between. While you’ll find some of them still usable this year, most likely, a bigger percentage of them belongs to the dumpster. Or, your junk removal service provider can take them to a recycling factory for you.

Step 3; Keep It All Contained

At this stage, you have all the usable old ornaments all laid out. You also have all the newly-purchased gifts, ornaments, and decors right in front of you. The next thing you want to do is arrange them all in counters or boxes. Know what each of your boxes contain and leave nothing lying around. You’re likely to spot an old gift that you’d rather let go at the end of this. Gift them to the neighbors or dnate them to the charity house. Finally, return all the boxes of the things you want to use to the store.

Step 4; Dust And Clean

Right now, your space is all dusty and sneezy (yes, get a nose mask) from all the old gifts you were shuffling through in step 3 above. So, grab a duster and start from top to bottom. By top to bottom, I mean dusting from the elevated appliances to the ones closest to the floor. After that, get the floor dust-free with your vacuum cleaner before finally mopping with your steam-based mop.

Step 5; The Final Touches

This is where you get to clear up your kitchen, your workstation, your store, and other miscellaneous places. Once done, prepare a washing solution to wash your toilet, bathroom, and kitchen in shape.