How To Grow Beard?

The growth of the beard is an aspect that worries many of the men who want to let it grow and grow. To help you and stop being a difficulty, we have prepared a complete guide in which you can learn everything you need to have a beard.

Before proceeding further, I would like to let you know that your daily diet plays an important role in healthy hair and skin. Vitamin B and Vitamin C are important nutrients for beard growth and glowing skin. So, make sure that your food has essential Vitamin B and Vitamin C derivatives.

Distribution of Facial Hair to Give Rise to a Beard

Although we can do our bit in increasing the length of the hair, in terms of its distribution we can do little more than help ourselves with tricks to hide it.

The areas of your face that have facial hair are genetically determined following an established pattern in which we cannot act.

In this way we find men who have sideburns of one width or another, with different growth in the neck area, with or without gaps in the beard under the lower lip.

Do not think that you will have a worse beard than others for this reason, this fact the only thing that does is that each beard is simply different, neither better nor worse, but that each beard is unique.

Tricks to Improve Beard Growth

Having a good beard not only means letting it grow and grow but we have to take care of it.

These are just a few tricks to stimulate their growth, obtain a homogeneous growth and hide the gaps. Incorporate them into your daily routine and very soon you will notice and notice the results.

  • Clean the beard daily with specific products for this that respect its characteristics and allow total hygiene.
  • Brush the beard with a suitable brush to help remove old hair and remove residues. Help brushing with suitable oils and tonics and you will nourish both the beard and the skin in the area.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle, both in physical exercise and healthy eating. Only correct nutrition will help us to have all the nutrients and proteins that we need for the correct development of each part of our body, one of them being the beard.
  • Get enough rest, meet the hours of sleep stipulated as necessary to rest properly.
  • Combine rest with the reduction of stress, the continuous daily stress contributes to making us feel worse because our body is not able to respond to it. Nerves and anxiety negatively affect our entire body.
  • Avoid toxins, especially tobacco. Both its consumption and the elimination of tobacco smoke through the nose and mouth, makes the beard of smokers much drier and less healthy than that of those who do not consume tobacco at all.
  • Lastly, don’t be obsessed with a certain beard shape or reaching a certain length. It is true that in all aspects of life we ​​look for a reference to achieve but you have to know that originality lies in charm and that your beard is probably much better than what you are trying to achieve.

Massage for the Benefit of your Beard

We have already talked about some products and remedies that can help us grow a beard, but few will be as cheap as a massage on it. It is a task that we can all do and that we can also give it to ourselves at any time since with just a few minutes, our beard will appreciate it.

Although you can do it using these cosmetics to enhance the massage, you could even do it without it and get benefit. Of course, do not forget to clean your hands so as not to drag the residues that may be on them.

Use your fingertips and massage the beard in all areas. With just a few minutes of dedication, blood circulation in the massaged part will be improved and this helps to stimulate facial hair in better condition.

The movements must be circular, with some pressure, but without going overboard. The massage with some contact will get you to have a better state of the beard and will even help you feel calmer and calmer.

Growing a Beard for the First Time

The first beard is always the most complicated, in all there is a generalized ignorance that we can only solve by asking those who have already gone through that trance.

After having spoken in a general way about the beard, now we will talk about the first one, about the moment in which we seek to have a statelier image to feel better about ourselves and with better feelings in relationships with others.

Tips for the First Beard

After the years that we all go hair-free, as totally beardless, come other years of thinning hair and that would not be enough to achieve a good beard. But then comes what most of us long for so much, the time to show our beard to others and be more ‘older’ in front of people, which means an improvement in self-esteem for many.

It is possible that in the period of growing your beard for the first time you will have many doubts about it. Therefore, we want to give you the most important tips and notions that you should know so that no problem appears.

As for the time without shaving, it is usually about two weeks to have a more or less decent result. However, you will have to wait until the first month, about 30 days, to see how your beard can become and feel like a real bearded man.

Regarding cleaning, as it is a task that we began to do with certain years, not all of us know how to be cleaned or how to do it. After reading this you should not forget it, your beard should be cleaned daily. You cannot afford to spend a day without having your beard groomed, as with the rest of the body, you cannot omit its hygiene.

Cleaning will help to improve its maintenance, its growth will increase since it will be healthier, and your image will be much more favorable.

Another aspect that greatly worries ‘first-timers’ is the presence of multiple holes. Although we have already talked about them before, now it can be said that in the first beards they are much more frequent. You should not feel bad about having them, it is something within normality that will gradually decrease and that you can always hide without wanting to feel better about yourself.

How to Trim your First Beard

If you decide to trim or shave your first beard yourself, do it carefully because what you have worked so hard to achieve may be ruined in just a few seconds.

In the first cut it is common to resort to any accessory, even if it is not specific. We refer to the fact that many times the same sewing scissors are used to cut the longer hairs that are out of tune with the rest or a disposable blade is taken to shave the hair area.

Obviously, these are not products that make a special care of the beard and less for those who use it for the first time.

So, one of our recommendations if you plan to be a continuous beard wearer is that you gradually acquire the appropriate material. Starting with a blade, proper scissors, and a comb to aid trimming, you will avoid unwanted trimming, hair damage, and an unwanted appearance.

Both in the first cut and in the following you have to take into account some aspects. The beard hair must be completely dry because if not, it will show a shorter length and you can trim yourself.

Also keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, that is, it will be better to cut back little by little than to take a big cut from the beginning. You will not be able to recover from a bad cut at the moment so you may later regret having gone so fast.