Benefits of Using Lighted Vanity Mirrors

The vanity mirror has become a popular piece of bedroom furniture in recent years, mainly because a person’s appearance began to get more and more important in today’s society, so most of us are vain or conscious of what we look like. How others perceive you at first glance is essential, as by assessing your appearance during your first meeting with strangers, they will already have your personality or attitude in check based on your looks. In a job interview, you would always want to look your best to give the employers the impression that you are “dressed to impress” and can fit right into a proper office environment.

The best way for most of us to assess our looks is by looking through a vanity mirror, which is often large enough for you to see if there are any imperfections in your make-up or if you need to fix your hair a little bit more. While there are non-lighted vanity mirrors, the best-sellers are arguable the ones with lights attached to the mirror’s frame. Now, those of you who may not be familiar with how to use vanity mirrors may ask why a mirror needs lights. Well, there are a few right answers to that question, and we are here to provide you with the list of benefits that lighted vanity mirrors can provide to help you decide whether you need the furniture or not.

Available in Different Sizes

As opposed to regular vanity mirrors that typically have similar sizes, lighted variants are available in different shapes and sizes. Of course, there are lighted mirrors that have the same style as the non-lighted ones, but there are some mirrors that are as small as a face mirror. It is quite interesting some companies are able to incorporate lights within the frame of a small mirror, and some of these vanity mirrors even have batteries so that you won’t have to plug it in an electric outlet. The portable and lighted vanity mirror is suitable for those who don’t really have enough space in their bedroom for a regular-sized vanity mirror, as they can place the portable version wherever they want. All in all, your options are not limited when it comes to the size of your vanity mirror.

Better Lighting

Sometimes the lights in the bedroom may not be enough for you to see blemishes or imperfection on your face clearly, hence the reason why most vanity mirrors today incorporate lights so that you can have a brighter and clearer view of yourself. The smallest vanity mirrors would usually have six light bulbs installed on it, with three at each side. However, the bigger ones tend to have eight or more, and they would also have lights at the top of the mirror’s frame. If your bedroom has sufficient natural and artificial lighting, then a small lighted vanity mirror is perfect for you, but if you think that the room doesn’t provide adequate lighting, then the bigger ones are more suitable.

Customizable Light Settings

small face mirror
Most vanity mirrors equipped with LED lights give you the option to customize the brightness that the light bulbs produce. The most used settings are daylight, every day, and nighttime, and as their name would suggest, these light settings allow you to get a glimpse of what you look like based on where the sun shines during the day. This feature is beneficial in times where you would have to check whether your make-up would still look good at nighttime, even if you are actually applying it during the day. By customizing the light settings on your vanity mirror, you will be able to experiment on daytime and nighttime looks without even waiting for the day to turn to night, and vice versa.

Won’t Disturb Your Roommates

If you are going to a job interview early in the morning while your friend or loved one is sleeping nearby, there is a possibility that you might wake him or her up if your turn on the lights of the room to do your make-up. Thankfully, a vanity mirror enables you to get sufficient lighting for your glow up duties without disturbing your roommates, as the lights of the mirror is not a bright as the light bulb on the ceiling of the room.

And there you have it, the benefits of using lighted vanity mirrors at home. If you are always doing your make-up, it is recommended that you have a vanity mirror in your bedroom so that you can apply your foundation, lipstick, and other make-up items better. But if you want to take it up a notch in terms of features, the lighted vanity mirror is much better since it can help you see how your make-up looks at certain times of the day.