Apartments in North Hills Raleigh, NC

North Hills has exploded in recent years and become the premier mixed use development in Raleigh, NC. Featuring the area’s best shopping experience and some of the best restaurants that Raleigh has to offer, visitors can spend an entire day exploring everything that North Hills has to offer.

For some people, living in the center of the action is something that they simply cannot pass up on. Those people should definitely consider moving to the North Hills area in Raleigh, NC. With a number of beautiful apartments to choose from, North Hills is a great place to live. Most of the apartments are located just steps away from some of the best shopping and dining in Raleigh, NC.

In this piece we will break down the top apartment buildings in North Hills. If you are planning a move to the Raleigh area in the near future, consider checking out these incredible apartments.

The Lassiter Apartments Raleigh, NC

The Lassiter Apartments are located in the Lassiter District of North Hills near Vivace, Lululemon, and Starbucks. These apartments were recently renovated and offer some great views of the North Hills area. The ground level of these apartments includes retail shops so you are literally living on top of some of the best shopping in Raleigh. The Lassiter also offers a pool, a gym, and a gated parking garage which is super convenient for those busy weekends in the North Hills area.

Park and Market Apartments Raleigh, NC

If you are interested in living across Six Forks Road from the main portion of North Hills, Park and Market is an excellent choice. This apartment complex offers a wide variety of floor plans and is actually located on top of a 24 hour Harris Teeter grocery store. This means you won’t even need to get into your car to go shopping for groceries. This is one of only two apartment complexes in Raleigh, NC that has a grocery store in the same building.

Dartmouth Apartments Raleigh, NC

Another great apartment option in North Hills is the Dartmouth apartment complex. This building is located right next to the Park and Market apartments but is not connected to the Harris Teeter. Like all of the other apartments in North Hills, Dartmouth offers extreme proximity to some of the best restaurants in Raleigh. If you really didn’t want to, and you had a job in North Hills, you would never need to get into your car again. Dartmouth offers a pool, a gym, and some great floor plans to choose from.

Apartment Movers in Raleigh, NC

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