A Guide to Managing Your PH Levels

Your vagina can be a mysterious little creature. You never know exactly what she will do. It seems like sometimes she gets upset for no reason at all, and other times you think something will bother her and it doesn’t at all. The key to her mysteries normally lies in whether or not her ph is in balance.

Signs That Your Vagina’s Ph May Be Out Of Balance

The ph balance of most vaginas is very delicate and doesn’t take much to be interrupted.

Using a new soap, toilet paper, or even laundry detergent can upset it. If you are having more intercourse than usual, that can also cause you to have issues.

The ph may be off if:

  • Your Vagina Feels Itchy
  • Your Vagina Has a Strange Odor
  • You Have Vaginal Discomfort
  • You Have Vaginal Discharge That Is Not Clear

Time To Get Everything Back In Balance

If you have any of these symptoms, you will want to know “how to get your ph balance back to normal.” Your vagina should typically have a ph in the range of 3.5-4.5. When it gets out of that range is when issues start to arise.

When you realize that something is not right, you should go and see your ob-gyn so that they can advise you of what to do next. They will help you to get everything worked out and return the balance to your lady parts. After all, is well though, you need to make sure to maintain your ph levels.

Make Sure You…

If you want to keep your ph in check, you must start taking a dietary supplement to help with your vaginal health and do everything on this list.

1. Use Condoms

If you have a very sensitive vagina, a condom can help you to keep your PH in balance. Semen is one of the number one reasons ph levels become unbalanced.

2. Pee Right After Sex

If you are not going to use a condom, you must make sure that you pee immediately after sex to help maintain the ph balance. If possible, go ahead and shower too.

3. NEVER Douche

When you douche, it increases the ph level of your vagina and causes issues. Your vagina will naturally cleanse itself, and douches are just harming the delicate balance of your ph. Only wash the outside of your vagina.

4. Visit Your OB-GYN Regularly

You should be seeing your ob-gyn at least once a year, if not more. You need to be receiving yearly exams to ensure that everything is operating correctly and that there are no signs of cancer or STDs.

Take Care Of Your Vagina

Hopefully, the ph of your vagina is not as mysterious anymore, and you understand how to better take care of her. Pay attention to what she is telling you and if she is itching, uncomfortable, or you start having discharge that is not clear, make sure to call your ob-gyn. It may just be your ph being off, but it could be something way more severe.

If your vagina is in good health, make sure she stays that way. Start taking a daily supplement that will help you to maintain good vaginal health. If you own a douche, throw it away as soon as you get home. The only thing a douche should ever enter is a trash bin.

You now know that your vagina is self-cleaning and does not need you to do anything but clean the outside of the vagina. It will handle everything else. Take this new knowledge and use it, and you can be confident that your lady parts will always be happy.