8 Outfit Ideas for Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. The five day celebration, also known as the Festival of Lights, marks the Indian new year and is a chance to come together, eat delicious food, enjoy fireworks, and light meaningful candles.

As it’s the biggest holiday of the year, it’s a great opportunity to find a new fabulous outfit for the occasion! To help you shine and look your best, we have put together a list of outfit inspiration. From traditional Indian dresses to more modern variations, discover eight outfit ideas for your Diwali celebration.

1. Half-and-half sarees

This traditional style is a great option for special occasions. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, you can select a saree that speaks to your personality. For a stunning look, choose one that features highly contrasting colors, such as orange and dark green. With embellished designs and bold jewelry, this timeless outfit will be one to remember during the five days of celebration!

2. Sharara suits

Another classic Indian style are sharara suits. The lightweight material is purposely designed to highlight your curves, and beautiful colors and patterns will give you the confidence to stand out. For a picture-perfect look, style your hair in an up-do, wear dazzling earrings, and create a breathtaking makeup look. This elegant option will catch everyone’s attention and ensure you look and feel your best!

3. Center-cut kurtis 

Floor-length kurtis always make a statement. With materials such as silk and cotton, a center-cut kurti is a marriage between modern and traditional Indian fashion. The style embodies sophistication, and it’s also extremely comfortable to wear with leggings or jeans! So, not only will you look fabulous in a center-cut kurtis, but you’ll also be able to enjoy all the great Diwali food and celebrate without feeling uncomfortable.

4. Palazzo pants with a crop top

If you want to go for a more modern look this year, palazzo pants and a crop top are a great option! You can find both pieces in a variety of colorful patterns and fabrics. For a more understated look, stick to something simple and try an off-the-shoulder shirt. Otherwise, if you’re looking to stand out, select a top with unique embellishments and shimmering sequins! No matter which you choose, we know you’ll look fabulous.

5. Dhoti pants with a crop top

Another modern Diwali outfit is a pairing of dhoti pants with a modern crop top. This look is favored by the younger generation, as it allows them to create a more modern style for the traditional celebration. This outfit looks great with high heels, wedges, and also flats! While it’s a great indo-western look to take you anywhere, try intricate patterns, bold hues, and add fun accessories for an outfit that’s perfectly fit for the holiday!

6. Long skirt with a crop top

Another outfit idea is a perfectly paired ankle-length skirt with a crop top . This modern look is one of the most achievable Diwali outfits, as you can find elegant skirts and crop tops quite easily. Choose a style that complements your features and makes you feel your best! If you want to find a special design for the occasion, go for a designer skirt that you will cherish forever. By selecting a unique pattern and quality fabric, you can make the look more elegant and personal for the highly-anticipated celebration.

7. Long jacket with cigarette pants

Channel model energy with sleek cigarette pants and a glamorous long jacket. Not only is this look comfortable and effortlessly chic, but it is also elegant and bright. Elevate neutral pants with a bold jacket that features a unique pattern and intricate embroidery. Paired with a pair of high heels, this look will turn heads and make you feel like the star of the show. For an added touch, choose a lipstick shade that complements the colors of the dress!

8. Indo-western dresses

For a modern look that will flatter all of your features, wear an indo-western dress! It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe and gives you the chance to express your personality. With a variety of styles, such as front-slit gowns or elegant sarees, this option will make your holiday attire memorable. Choose contrasting hues and vibrant patterns to make an impact during each event. To bring an elegant flair to the look, add shining jewelry to take the dress to the next level!


Now that you have eight inspiring ideas to help you decide what to wear for Diwali, it’s time to start putting your outfit together! Be creative, and be sure that whichever look you choose shows off your personality and makes you feel confident. No matter what, you will shine as bright as the lights throughout the entire celebration.