7 things to do on your morning commute

Commute to work by train? With the average journey now taking just under an hour, it’s time to get creative about how you spend your travel time. Read on to discover 7 things you can do on your morning commute to boost your mood and productivity.

1. Read

Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic or the crime thriller-type, escape that cramped commuter train with a good book. Treat yourself to an e-reader and you’ll have access to a whole library when you’re on the go. And you don’t just have to stick to books. Read what’s going on in the world by downloading a free news app on your phone.

2. Create a to-do list

Many of us feel more energised in the mornings. Use that get-up-and-go to get organised. Make a list of things you need to get done throughout the day. See if there’s anything you can wrap up before the end of your journey, such as making a phone call or replying to an email. Once you start ticking a few things off your list, you should find you feel more motivated to get everything done.

3. Shop

Why waste your weekend traipsing up supermarket aisles or dragging the kids to the high street? Shop for the stuff you need on your commute. Save time and money by checking for offers or promotional codes in your inbox before making any purchases. You’ll be surprised by how many good discounts you can find when you’ve got an hours’ train journey to search.

4. Play games

Thought games were just for kids? Think again. As well as being a great way to have fun on the go, online games can really help to sharpen your mind and improve your concentration. From word puzzles to slot games, browse the app store and you’ll find plenty available on your phone. Many are completely free to download.

5. Apply your makeup

This one’s a little controversial. Makeuppers appear high on the list of commuters’ pet peeves. But the average woman spends around 15 – 20 minutes putting on makeup in the morning. So, if you do you face on the train into work, rather than at home, you can enjoy up to an extra 20 minutes in bed. You’ll find plenty of travel-sized makeup products, perfect for popping in your handbag to apply on the go.

6. Write

A blog post, a journal entry, a poem, a story no matter what you want to write, get it done on your morning commute. You might discover your creative juices flow more freely first thing in the morning. Plus, train travel is great for sparking ideas. If you don’t believe us, just ask J.K. Rowling. She got the idea for Harry Potter on a delayed journey out of Kings Cross.

7. Relax

For many of us, our morning commute is the only time we get to ourselves. Use it to relax and get yourself mentally prepared for the day ahead. Take a power nap, let yourself daydream, or practice a bit of mindfulness. Creating a playlist of calming music on your phone can really help to ease you into your working day.