5 Unique Baking Ideas to Try in Your Free Time

Spending time at home doesn’t have to mean Netflix marathons, scrolling through social media, and ordering takeout. If you’re interested in getting a little outside your comfort zone and trying something new, you have plenty of alternatives -and learning to bake is one of them!

Baking is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Head to the store together to pick up ingredients you need, take your time with preparation, and then relax and watch something together while you wait for the oven! So whether you’re stuck at home or are just taking the day off, make sure to give one of these unique baking ideas to try! Also, checking out the link to see secure free casino slots canada is also a good idea. 

1. Nutella hand pies

If time and experience aren’t on your side, you might want to give these simple treats a try. There are only a few ingredients in this easy-to-make baked delight. Just take a strip of puff pastry, cut it into squares, add one teaspoon of nutella in the center of each. Then take egg wash and brush the edges of each square. Fold each square in half to make a triangle and crimp the edges together using a fork.

From there, all you have to do is bake until the pastries are golden brown and cooked through. It shouldn’t take much longer than 30 minutes before you’re munching on some!

2. Giant skillet brownie

Brownies are great -don’t get us wrong- but what about a giant skillet brownie? It’s got everything you love about regular brownies but with the added homey touch of a cast iron skillet. If you’re a fan of crispy edges, a skillet brownie might just be the treat you need, but don’t worry -there’s plenty of gooey goodness in the center too!

3. 4-ingredient peanut butter cookies

If you’ve got a craving for peanut butter, hold off on eating it straight from the jar because you’re going to love these 4-ingredient peanut butter cookies. That’s right -just four ingredients!

All you have to do is mix 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, and 1 cup of Bisquick (yes, the pancake mix) until all the ingredients are combined. Then roll out your dough into little balls evenly spacing them on a baking tray, and flattening them about halfway with a fork. Cover and let them chill in the fridge for about two hours.

After the two hours, bake in the oven set to 350F, for 13-14 minutes, let rest for 10 minutes to finish on the countertop, and you’re ready to go!

4. Baked tomato feta pasta

While cookies, brownies, and puff pastries are all wonderful, baking isn’t reserved only for making sweets. Sometimes snacks just don’t cut it for you and you need a meal! If that’s the case for you, then make sure to give this hassle-free tomato feta pasta a try. It’s almost guaranteed to make your day a whole lot tastier!

All you need to do is get yourself a casserole dish, add one container of fresh cherry tomatoes (washed), drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with fresh basil, salt, and black pepper. Place a block of feta cheese in the center. For extra creaminess, also add a block of cream cheese on top of the feta!

Bake your feta and tomatoes until the tomatoes begin to burst, then remove from the oven, immediately mix in your choice of cooked pasta noodles until all ingredients are combined, and then bon appetit!

5. Cannabis Edibles

Baking brownies, cookies, and cakes can get pretty old. Even cooking your favorite savory meals can get old! If you’re looking for something new to inspire you, try your hand at baking some cannabis edibles! The process of baking is exactly the same once you’ve created your cannabis oil or butter.

The process of making cannabutter isn’t exactly simple, but once you’ve made it, you can use your cannabutter in any recipe you want!

To learn more about how to make cannabis edibles, there are plenty of online resources, but to get you started, check out this article.

As always, make sure you consume cannabis responsibly and legally!


Whether you’re home sick, or taking the day off -if you’ve got some time to kill, give one of these baking ideas a try!