Where to Buy a Dr.Roller

For a lot of dermarolling devotees, the Dr. Roller is still the best brand. There may be other good brands such as MNS and ZGTS, but the Dr. Roller is still the best and most widely preferred.

The genuine Dr. Roller is made in South Korea. But as you may have known, there are lots of fake Dr. Rollers out there (mostly coming from China). Go to this helpful link: “How to Spot a Fake Dr. Roller” to help you distinguish between a true and genuine Dr. Roller from the fake rollers.

There are quite a few online shops that offer derma rollers, but most of them are either way too pricey or ridiculously cheap. Those cheap ones are of inferior quality and they usually come in generic cases.

Yes, there may be cheap ones and you think that you would be able to save money from buying them. But these knockoffs can jeopardize your health, that’s why buying a good quality derma roller does matter a lot. You have to be a bit more cautious and circumspect whenever you see online shops that claim they sell authentic Dr. Rollers. For example, its needles must be made of surgical grade steel, not just “stainless steel.” Plus, the finer the needles, the better. Also, the derma roller should come pre-sterilized as you purchase it; otherwise it would put you at risk of infection.

When a Dr. Roller product is registered by the FDA and has the CE certification, it’s a foolproof indication that it is the genuine Dr. Roller.

Possibly the best you can to get an authentic Dr. Roller do is to contact Moohan, the South Korea-based manufacturer of the Dr. Roller. Chances are, they will tell you that Derma Roller Shop (dermarollershop.com) is their authorized re-seller which is based and located in Estonia. Their product price is the same as that of the other reputable online re-sellers such as mstroller.com, but the shipping cost that Derma Roller Shop offers is a lot cheaper.

If you buy a genuine Dr. Roller from an authorized re-seller, you never need to worry about the quality. Purchasing from Derma Roller Shop will even get you a handsome discount on every order when you use the coupon code “newroller.” See? Not only you are assured of a genuine Dr. Roller when you buy from an authorized retailer, you also get to enjoy great discounts as well.